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This is not a question but a fact

This is hard for me to say....or even talk about. I really dont know how to ask or what to ask. All i know is that when Feb. 16th comes it will be over. Over with the fighting. Over with being a parent. Here it goes. My boys have been in state custody since Oct. 9th 2008 and Jan. 7th 2009. My first was taken because of abuse. I am the one who is and will ever be guilty for what i did to my son. My second son was taken because of very bad jaundace and his brother was already in state. They have been in custody over 2 years. Last court hearing on last tuesday the judge said he will Severance our rights on Feb. 16th. That is if we dont Relinquish before then...What i want to know is will everyone that meets me or read this keep us in prayer. Let God have his hands on this. Let me be okey with whatever happens to my boys and me. Let my marriage be able to survive this. Keep us in Prayers...
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We got new from the ICPC it is paperwork so my cuz in Tenn. can adopt my boys. The update is that they have to take parenting classes until end of Jan. Court is in Feb. The ICPC wont be done until May....so it is it. My cuz are also talking about not adopting my boys since they been with the foster family for over 2 years. This means it is finally over...I dont see how God can make a mircle out of this...
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I hit my son. I was very pregnant and was evicted out of my home and when we moved. We moved to a one bd hotel. It was very cramped. I was tired and I asked my husband to take Damon so i could go back to lay down. He wouldnt comply. When i took him back so i could lay down. He wouldnt sleep. The crying go to me and i started hitting him. I am not proud for what i did. I dont want to remember it either. Any how, we went church the next morning and I cofessed what i did. They told me i had an hour to call the police before they would. I didnt get the chance to. The police were at my door as soon as i got home from church. I told my story. God has help me over the 2 years with this. All I regret is not ever getting the chance to be a mommy. I will never get that with my boys. That is my story.
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I thought the confessional was inviolate. How could that vow be broken?

I have fortunately never been in your situation - homeless, hopeless, broke and pregnant. The strain must have been terrible. Assuming you did not seriously harm your son, wasn't this taken into account?
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I suppose if your putting this up then your going to be able for the judgement people will give on this matter.. allymymarbles- if a child had been hurt then im glad the church broke the rules on this and contacted police.. im not judging this lady .. but she was obviously not in any fit state of mind at the time she did this to her son..  i know as parents we all feel stressed and hit rock bottom at some stage in our lives but to take it out on your child is a completely different story..  I hope you can move on in your life knowing your children will be safe and happy in a good home..
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I'm trying to understand this.   You lost your son because you beat him.  Went to a church and confessed and they turned you in?   They took your son away.   Didn't your husband do anything to stop you from beating your son?   Why was your second child taken away?
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I am wondering how old your son was at the time? Could it have been PPD? Have you discussed any of this with a doctor? I would be willing to talk with you privately about any of this if you wish. Just send me a message and I will try to make myself available as much as possible!
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I'm sorry to hear your story, for many many reasons....for the pain you and your boys are going thru, the loss that you are both going thru and the feeling of desperation that you must have had.    I will never say that I condone child abuse in any way especially since I work in law enforcement myself.     I am so sad though for you if you are willing to take control of this and get some help for yourself and try to become a better mother to your boys.    My niece has 4 children....when her first 2 (twins) were born, her then husband beat the infant boy twin almost to death.   Broke his ribs and sternum, cracked his skull open and caused a brain bleed.    That little boy is now 6 y/o and his father is allowed supervised visits with him...does them for awhile and then leaves for a couple years, then comes back again and wants his visits.   Believe it or not, the judge and attorneys have told my niece that she HAS to allow him visitation and eventually he will be allowed UNsupervised visits with his children again.     Again...I'm not condoning abuse to a child, but your situation seems pretty harsh if this was a one time event and assuming the child was not hurt in anyway, compared to what my niece is going thru with an abuser.

Are you in a better place financially to be able to fight this....do you want to fight this?   Have you sought out any sort of treatment or was this a one time isolated incident?

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