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19 year old with high blood pressure

So I'll start off by explaining why I went to the doctor's office in the first place:
On New Year's day, I did my usual routine.  Went to the gym to lift, came home, ate, watched tv, etc.  While watching TV I started to lose parts of my vision and later got a terrible migraine with nausea..the only thing I could do was fall asleep.  Two days later, I feel great and then the same thing happens.  Except this time there was no nausea and the pain was much less severe and localized to the right side of my head.
I felt fatigued the next week while working a 40 hour week, when I went home I would just fall asleep immediately for four hours or so.
I started lifting weights again and went back to school- I had no ill effects from either and my muscles recovered as usual. However, I would wake up with a  stuffy nose and headache, along with nausea.
The other night I was laying down awkwardly when all of a sudden I realized I had a pain shooting through the right back of my neck into the shoulder. I also had a nosebleed earlier in the day.  This lasted into today and made me get a doctor's appointment.

My blood pressure reading at the office was 156/100 with a pulse of 86 bpm.  I was highly anxious/stressed before I even went. My normal resting pulse is in the 60 bpm range.  I had a shirt on so the nurse didn't do it bare arm.  I also have heart palpitations all my life and I think I had a strong one as she was taking my pressure -- could this cause a high reading? The doctor didn't seem to care at all about the other symptoms, just the blood pressure (understandably so).  I immediately began googling and saw high blood pressure in someone as young as me can be caused by adrenal gland tumors.  I'm scared to death and I just can't get over the worst case scenario.  The doc said to quit taking protein supplements, cut out caffeine (I drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day), and cut down on sodium (which I admit I eat a lot of).  

I must admit I never saw this one coming.  Does anyone have any ideas on what this is?  Should I be worried?
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ALSO I haven't got progressively worse symptoms while weight lifting.  I feel exactly the same as I did 4 years ago when I first started.
The same can be said for my dizziness upon standing.  It's exactly the same as it has always been.
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Pain on one side of the head is classic for migraine. I would pursue that again with the doctor.

With an adrenal gland tumor your BP would be way higher - much much higher. Yours is not even close.

I would improve diet and talk to the doctor about the migraines (which can be triggered by diet).
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