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24 hour urine analysis

so I did this test and my doctor is stating that my hormones are a bit high and might have a tumor on one of the kidneys. He said its not a cancer ? but a wart ? He told me that he will book an adrenal MRI. Am a bit worried but don`t have the actual results in hand and need to wait end July for the MRI. Is he right in stating that might be a tumor but not a cancer without an MRI at hand yet ? I have no pain.
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The adrenal glands secrete several hormones so it could be cortisol, renin, aldosterone or others that make blood pressure super high like metaphrines? So unless you know the exact hormone hard to say... Without tests, hard to say. If it is kidney, then not my area.
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Hi there. The 24 hour analysis would often be ccarried out because of some abnormal Blood test result or in a case of a spike in BP? Did you have any other tests prior to the 24 hour collection? As Rumpled says, there could be a number of reasons for an abnormal high hormone test result. One reason is Aldosterone. This is released by the Adrenal gland into the blood. (Metanephrines) Too much can cause huge BP spikes. It is very rare, but occasionally a tumor (Usually Benign) can grow in the Adrenal gland. Its known as a pheochromacatoma (Excuse spelling) Also sometimes very small growths called Adnomata can develop. These are hard to diagnose on some scanning tests as they can be tiny. Again they cause rises in aldosterone. They can be tricky to diagnose and may be in both glands. If in both its usually medication as the treatment. If only in one Adrenal, surgery can be done to successfully take out. It needs detailed investigation, as it can cause  serious BP issues at some stage. There are a battery of further tests that are done after the scan to confirm diagnosis. These include the admin of certain amounts of meds, blood testing before and after, with the differential being used to establish a diagnosis. There is also a saline infusion test, which gives similar results. The best test is called Adrenal vein sampling. Both veins are tested at the same time. However the test can be a little tricky and is invasive, something like an angiogram test. Im not a doc but have had some experience in Adrenal Issues. Hope this is of some help. In the meantime, keep focused on enjoying life!! If it happens to be an Adrenal issue, it can be dealt with most successfully. Keep us posted
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