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ACTH STIM Test results...

I had the ACTH STIM test done and could use some insight into what these results mean....

Cortisol baseline:  17.9
Cortisol 30 min: 37.3
Cortisol 60 min: 40.9

My last 4 point saliva cortisol test showed my morning cortisol to be 5 and my total cortisol to be 9.7.  I was off any/all supplements for 8 weeks, prior to the ACTH test.

I'm also very anemic, and have sluggish thyroid, estrogen and testosterone dominance too.  Osteoporosis, malabsoprtion, etc...  Lots going on.  Just unclear as how what the ACTH results mean, compared to what saliva tests had shown for my cortisol levels.

Thanks in advance.
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Your 30 minute more than doubled form baseline and your 60 minutes went even a bit higher.  I believe this very much rules out AI/Addison's Disease. You certainly may have another type of endocrine disorder, but with that kind of baseline (a healthy morning cortisol is around 20 or higher) and that kind of response, I think you can cross that off.  

As for your saliva cortisol, I am not familiar with the ranges.  The range and perhaps even the units for saliva and serum are different.  Were they considered in range?  
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Agree with Beaker - normal stim test.

Cortisol can vary per lab and be different all the time, so you need so many tests before the stim to know. Sodium and potassium are also helpful.

It may be another endocrine disorder or even elevated cortisol. Cortisol tends to eat bone.
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