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I am really sick cortisol problems

I am having severe symptoms. I have severe intolerance to stress and very low blood pressure along with hyper pigmentation and a lot of other symptoms. I have to get infusions three days a week for my low blood pressure and dehydration.

I just got my results back from my test yesterday and am confused about them. My doctor called me yesterday and told me my cortisol is low. My cortisol blood test shows my level to be 3.4. I had a midnight saliva test that was high. I also had a diurnal test and my results were as follows.

8 a.m. 1.37
12 p.m. 0.11
5 p.m. 0.22
12 a.m. 1.65

I have an ACTH test scheduled for next week. I look like I have Cushing's disease I have all of the symptoms except stretch marks. My doctor says I have low cortisol. My 24 hour urine test was 54.5 and I had a 5HIAA test that was high and the value was 7.2

I also just had a glucose tolerance test which showed reactive hypoglycemia. I am falling apart.

If someone could help me understand these results I would be very grateful.

Thank you,
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Without reading your post, I looked at your test results and being higher at night than in the morning was just like me and I had Cushing's.

It is unusual to have low BP but I had it as well. The doc needs to be checking your renin and aldosterone. As these hormones are very poorly understood you really need an expert to diagnose you as you may have a couple of issues going on.

Has the doctor told you about salt? I need loads of salt to keep my BP near normal. I would discuss this with your doc. I also take a med to help me hold sodium, the aldosterone replacement.

You may have cyclical Cushing's.

I am not sure about reactive glycemia. I can only talk about my own experience as a patient.
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