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Is this adrenal insufficiency?

I am 58years old and have hypothyroidism, and my latest results came back;
FreeT4  13.1 pmol/l    TSH 16.40 mIU/l    
I am concerned I have adrenal insufficiency,as I have complete exhaustion, find it hard to wake up, let alone get through the day.   All my white blood cells are low and I have neutropenia. My muscles are so painful, and sore to touch. They fasiculate, my CKmm is 414. I also get numbness and tingling.   Terrible back pain just above the waistline.  Cholesterol at 9. Alk Phos 144.  Suffer horrendous vertigo with sickness, terrible funny headaches and eyesight goes blurry. I could go on but I am so fed up of it all.  Feel I have suffered for over 10 years, after a perriod of extreme prolonged stress. I was rushed into hospital once unconscious for 7 hours, was found cold, with blue lips, was given equivalent of 30 teasp. sugar and heaps of salt. When I got to hospital I was still unconscious, and hypoglycaemic, they gave me Saline,  next day they tested for Addisons. Negative result. Now am I right in thinking that after all that salt and sugar a test so soon after treatment would be useless.  I have been tested for diabetes also negative. I was started on thyroxine about 3 years ago and the dose keeps on going up, now at 150mg a day, the dosage stays fine for a few months then I just seem to need more. ...Please give me some advice!  By the way my son has Addisons and Type1 Diabetes.  Also my mother had all these symptoms when she died. My older sister also suffers from most of them
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Your Free t4 and tsh are way messed up!. You know this is for your thyroid right, not adrenals? What happens to your t4 when you drop your TSH with more thyroid med? Ever had a lower TSH? The goiter community (forums) might help with you questions.
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Thanks for your reply.
When my med (levothyroxine) is increased, I am fine for a few months, then I go ill again, and so it continues, viscous circle.  That's why I was questioning 'adrenals',..just looking at the whole endocrine system for an answer, and as to why my meds only work temporarily, I feel something is missing.  I am going back to ask if  my T4 is perhaps not converting to T3 as I never get answers to that.
Kind regards
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Hi, I sympathise with you and think you are right to look into other possible causes for you HypOt.

When I was diagnosed with hypErt I found a website called ithyroid.com. The BB has closed down unfortunately but there is information on there about natural ways of helping your thyroid which you may (or may not!) find useful.

Wish you better, Carrie
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I was wondering if taking Selenium has had good results on antibodies? I'm a growing more concerned due to the labs I had in March and the most recent ones this week.
Also, My vision is becoming more Blurry..seeing double and it get's worse at night!!?????

Labs in march revealed: Hemoglobin ALC 5.6 4.8-5.9
Vit b12-763 211-911
Folic Acid 23.2
Vitamin D 25, Total31 32-100
DHEA 30 LOW 45-270
Testosterone 1.3 0.0-2.2
Thyroxine T4 free 1.08 0.61-1.76
TSH 1.825 0.450-4.500
Homocyst Plasma- 7.2- 0.0-15.0
Thyroid Stimulating Immunoglob 143 HIGH 0-129
c-reative protein 1.3 0.0-4.9
TPO- Ab 21 (0-34)
Triiodothyonine, free 3.7 2.3-4.2

Recent labs this week revealed:
This is from a Family Practioner

Anti-Nuclear Antibodies (POSITIVE)
ANA Titer HIGH 1:8 doc wrote lOw...plus probably due to graves...???????

Free T# 3.0 2.3-4.2
Cortisol 5 (2-25)
Estradiol 99 All the ranges are too confusing to reference from..
Follicle Hormone 3.63 (4-10.0)

Magnesium 2.0 (1.3-2.3)
Progesterone 0.3 (1.84-30.2)
Prenenolone 38 (>50)

She prescribed the prog cream and pregnoenolone 25mg

but I don't want to take it until I get the ACTH test and Ferritin and Salivia test done tomm at home...am I on the right track with this so far???
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