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Need help understanding Cortisol test results

Hello! I have been suffering with chronic pain, weakness, and exhaustion (among other things..) for the past year and a half.

After a bad experience with an Endo, I decided to move to another (I was treat badly at the first, but was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism so I decided to see a new doctor for my check up and to discuss my non-improving pain further). The second Endo had me do the Dexamethasone test in the morning to check my Cortisol to see if Cushing's was a possibility.

The reference range for my test is 3.1-22.4 mcg/dL and my result was 0.4

Is this an alright result? Having done so many blood tests I now try to check over them again on my own, and just curious if this is "low". Searching through Google hasn't helped me much so figured I'd try to post here.

Not sure which subforum to post this in but saw talk of Cortisol tests in here so figured it was my best bet!
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Sadly there is no Cushing's forum. I keep asking!
Your result was a "fail" in the eyes of an inexperienced doctor, but in a good doc, is more a test of source than of exclusion.
Cushing's tests are many, so I hope you can get urine, blood and saliva so you can get a better view of the disease.
Get copies, (sounds like you are) and find a good doc. A lot of Cushing's people are hypothyroid.
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