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Saliva testing results.

I don't understand my test results. The labs says that some of the results fall out of range but does not say which ones. Here they are...

cortisol AM 20.3  range   2.4-33.7
cortisol noon 3.6              1.2-17.8
cortisol PM    1.5              0.5-12.1
Cortisol Midnight  0.9       0.3-11.0

Dhea Noon-Pm average 3.9       range 0.8- 7.5
Antigliadin IgA   <2                           <=20.34
Secretary IgA  41        14-259

Can't find a doctor in my area unless you have Addisons.

The only thing I can see is that it looks like my Cortisol crashes between morning and noon but I am fatigued and in pain all day and only sleep 4-5 hours at night.
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Try looking for a functional medical doctor, not an endo. You can find a good list on thyroid websites...search 'patient recommended thyroid doctors'. I know you aren't talking about thyroid, but those doctors tend to test many different hormones (and vitamin levels) and treat the body as a whole, not just the current symptom.
Good luck!
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Thanks for your advice. I will definitely look into it.
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Just FYI cortisol is supposed to drop like that. It is normal.  It wakes you up in the morning puts you to bed at night. I would look for another issue.
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This is the alert that I received from the lab so I am at a loss.

"Walk-In Lab has reviewed the results from your recent lab tests and
would like to notify you that some of your results are out-of-normal range.  
We recommend that you seek medical advice for your results by contacting a physician."

However I will call the lab to get more details. I have taken the advice of the other poster and have an appointment with an functional medical doctor in three weeks.  If the results are in fact ok, I still feel awful and need to get to bottom of this. Thanks for your reply.
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I hope you get answers soon! I understand how frustrating it is to not at least know *why* you feel so bad!

In case you don't already, get copies of all your lab results. You may notice a trend when the doctors don't...especially if you have to change doctors :)
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The conventional doc may not accept tests you did not your own.,,

The elevation of the cortisol at night (I failed to look at the ranges, but overall you have a pretty normal rhythm) can indicate Cushing's. I had highs at night when I had it.

You will need an endo.  I hope you find a good one!
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