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by anajinn, 1 minute ago
Tags: thyroid, frequent urination, Diabetes, Arthritis
I had been having problems with my feet and ankles, which was subsequently diagnosed as arthritis, but not rheumatoid. I also have the problems in my hands, wrists and neck.

I then had a wisdom tooth removed and took dexamethasone, which caused me to urinate a lot and all the inflammation and the edema I had had for years disappeared.

I got the doctor to give me blood tests, and they found that I am diabetic but not bad enough to require medication. It has taken four years to reach this point. Four years ago, I reached menopause and had already been taking HRT for many years, due to other problems. I continue to take the hormones, but my weight ballooned and I am double the weight I was four years ago.

18 months ago, I had some blood tests, and the doctor said everything was normal. I did not see the results until now, but wish I had done so because my thyroid was 5.1 and my glucose was 6.1

Now I have arthritis and diabetes. I eat good food and never buy convenience foods although I have been eating bread (whole grain with flax) and dairy products, and my fat and starch consumption has increased. I rarely eat sugars or baked goods.  I have gone from about 115 lbs. to about 215 lbs in four years. I am fatigued all the time, and have been suffering from anxiety and depression now for 13 years, which was prior to the weight gain and foot pain.

Since taking the dexamethasone, my frequent urination has been maintained. I now notice that I don't have the inflammation and foot pain because I am urinating frequently - not out of urgency like cystitis, but because of a full bladder. The edema in my ankles that I had before has gone.  

Last week, my diabetes reading was 7.1 with a 2 hour glucose test result of 12.1. My thyroid test was 4.5

I feel I have a thyroid problem, but my doctor says I am within range and sent me for urine testing for irrable bladder syndrome and liver problems.

What do you think? Could it be thyroid causing all my problems, including the diabetes sugar level?   My mother had thyroid problems and osteoporosis, which is why I take HRT (to avoid osteoporosis). There is no history of breast cancer. On the other side of my family, both of my grandparents died from cerebral thrombosis or cerbral haemorrhage, with high blood pressure. My blood pressure has always been on the low side.
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you need to see a holistic medical doctor. a conventional doctor will never treat you if your number fall within normal range, because they are not taught to think out of the box.  
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That's true, but they cannot order certain procedures, and they cannot prescribe drugs. I am in Canada; our medical system covers alopathic doctors but not naturopaths.

I am doing my own research before I run off in search of naturopaths, which is exactly why I posted the questions here, before I get roped in to expensive weekly or monthly visits to naturopaths.

I am hoping someone can give me some insight, rather than just telling me to see doctors. I know I have that option.
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If you think you have a thyroid problem, I would post on the thyroid forum.    Post the results of your thyroid test, TSH, FreeT3 and FreeT4.

Also have you had your adrenals tested?  This should be done before you start taking thyroid meds, if you find you do have a thyroid problem.  
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Thank you. I did not know about the adrenal testing.
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I have thyroid disease. I actually have Hashimotos. It is pretty awful. From what I have learned, is that anything over a 2 is considered hypothyroid. I know for me when my TSH levels goes beyond a 2 I feel awful. Try another dr. Look up in your area someone who specializes in it. Hav eyou had the antibody test done?
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Antibody test for what exactly?

I went privately for T4 and T3 but have not got the results yet. Doctor is now sending me for adrenal test and Free T4. He says it is not necessary to do T3 until he has the T4 test.

The thing is that the frequent urination (about every hour there is a full bladder) has taken away the inflammation in my joints. It all started after a five day course of dexamethasone about six weeks ago. I like the fact that my feet don't hurt any more, but I am wondering what has caused all my problems in the first place - joint inflammation, lethargy, huge, huge weigh increase.  I am wondering if the adrenals are affecting the thyroid, or something like that.
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hi, when i said holistic doctor, I meant a holistic medical doctor.  an MD.  I started with a naturopath and switched to a medical doctor who is holistic.  Look on the internet for one, because the results of all of your test might come back normal and you may still need to be treated.  A holistic approach is not to get hung up on the numbers but look at the over all symptoms. try going to dr. Jacob Teitelbaums'  web sit, end the fatigue, and they will help you find a doctor in your area, also Dr. Broder Barnes look at his website and there are lists and phone numbers for help.  We found our doctor that way.  Just about all of out test come back normal and we are being treated.....
Good luck.  and by the way have you seen a nephrologist to see if you have any blockage in the urinary tract?
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just one more point.  there are tests that you won't even think of to indicated thyroid problems, like ankle reflexes, and missing hair in your eyebrow.....
good to do research, but don't underestimate the value of a knowledgable doctor.  and I know your' frustrated, our search for an answer has been TWENTY years long... so we know how difficult this is for you, but don't be nasty to the people who are trying to help you...
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according to the american association of clinical endocrinologists if you have a tsh above 3 or maybe even 2.5 you may have hypothyroidism they call it subcliniccal hypothyroidism and even according to the mayo clinic in patients that have symptoms subclincal hyoithyroidism should be treated ( you tsh was 4.5 i would definitely  look into thyroid treatment)
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Do you have a Compound Pharmacy in your area? If so, ask them what doctors they deal will.  Doctors that deal with Compound Pharmacies are more willing to run the tests that you need.  

You really need to have your Free T3 test done.  If your doctor is not willing to test your FT3 then you should probably find another doctor.  

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My free T4 was normal but almost hypothyroid, same as my TSH. So my doctor has put me on 0.05 mg synthroid. I hear that Armour or Thyroid (in Canada) is better, so we will have to wait and see if it starts to work or not. I have been newly diagnosed as diabetic and it is pretty hard to lose weight if the thyroid is not working efficiently. Thanks to all of you for your help on this.
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