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Weakness and lethargy after Prednisone

I took prednisone 60mg plus 2 steroid dose packs plus a short acting and long acting steroid injection in the past 6 weeks.  I have been off all steroids x 3 weeks and am suffering from weakness, tremors, shaking inside and out, feelings of anxiety, shortness of breath, muscle cramps in my legs and feet and extreme lethargy.

I'm thinking this must be an adrenal issue.  Has anyone had these symptoms after prednisone?  
I am so anxious and shaky from mid morning until late afternoon.  I am sleeping at least 8 hours a night and nap during the day when I can.
During the evening, I seem to be more myself and can function more normally.
I had none of these symptoms before the prednisone.  Any insight?
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Did you gradually wean from the steroids?  If not, your adrenal glands may not be functioning properly.  Prednisone is an evil drug ....it's the reason I have secondary adrenal insufficiency.  Inadequate weaning of Prednisone almost killed me.  It damaged organs and hpa axis never recovered.  After 5 years of mega doses of vitamins/juicing organic veggies and HC, DHEA and thyroid meds my liver is working adequately again.  
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After 3 weeks all the bio-available steroid should be gone.

Try not to nap - you may be reversing your rhythm just from your sleep schedule. Try to eat, drink wake and sleep normally at normal times. Go to be early if you have too - but don't sleep during the day.
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A few years ago I was diagnosed with Secondary Addison's Disease.

I was placed on hydrocortisone for 1 year when suddenly another doctor moved me to prednisone. A drug that does the same thing. Why he moved me was because he had more patients on prednisone. Or so he said.

Anyway after 5 days of prednisone I was feeling bad. Anxiety, bad temper and lethargy. I demanded to return to hydrocortisone and within a couple of days felt FAR better.

I had none of the prednisone side effects.

The dosage is different between HC and prednisone, so dont assme 60 mg of one means you'll need 60 mg of the other.

Good luck.
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