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adrenal Insufficiency injection test

I have been suffering from hashimotos thyroiditis for about a year now.  My tsh is barely out of range yet I feel HORRID all the time.  The thyroid medicine has done little or nothing to make me feel better.  In fact I feel worse.

I saw the symptoms of adrenal fatique or insufficiency as it may be called.  I have a lot of these symptoms.  One thing that was weird is that one of the symptoms is discolored skin or patches of color on the skin.  I do not have this.  

They are going to inject me and test my levels next week.  Could I have an adrenal problem?  My 24 hour urine test came back clean.  here is my rundown:

YES  •chronic, worsening fatigue
YES  •muscle weakness
YES •loss of appetite
Yes•weight loss

Other symptoms can include

YES •nausea
NO •vomiting
YES •diarrhea
NO •low blood pressure that falls further when standing, causing dizziness or fainting
YES •irritability and depression
NO •a craving for salty foods due to salt loss
? •hypoglycemia, or low blood glucose
YES •headache
NO •sweating

Also, does the injection hurt, or is it done with IV?

Thank YOu

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The skin darkening - or tanning, sometimes spotting, called hyperpigmentation, does not happen with everyone. That happens when the ACTH is high.

Usually the test is done with an IV as there are multiple draws.

Not everyone has every symptom.

Is your doctor testing anything other than TSH for your thyroid? TSH is a pituitary test, so it alone is not great for a thyroid check.
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check out this website. It talks about everything you need to know.

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