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how to correct adrenal insufficiency with hypothyroid?

i have adrenal insufficiency and hypothyroidism - i just started thyroid replacement and my adrenal symptoms are out of control i feel like im dying - my doctor will not treat the adrenal problem even though i read she is supposed to before the thyroid- i dont know what to do i tried cutting the thyroid spill in half today so the shock to my system wouldnt be so bad - didnt help! i dont know what to do - i even went to the er and they wont help either, the thyroid symptoms were awful today with half a pill but the adrenal symptoms were just as bad both ways- is this gonna kill me or what? will it eventually correct itself ? what can i do to help it along - i was undiagnosed hypothyroid for three years and so my body is very stressed out - if someone even looks at me wrong my legs literally collapse out from under me, and yes i have had a full nuerological workup - he just says that i have been so neglected with the thyroid thing my body is giving out! any suggestions please!!
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  If you know that you have adrenal insufficiency, you are right that it should be treated BEFORE you take thyroid med. to avoid a possible adrenal crisis. This is a standard protocol at major hospitals. If you start vomiting or passing out, get to an emergency room. You need adrenal support. Maybe cut your thyroid med. to a quarter of a pill. It takes time for your body to adjust anyway. Discuss your adrenal insufficiency with a doctor asap.
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Can you find a decent doctor?
Have you had adrenal testing?
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My regular M.D. also refused to treat or even acknowledge my adrenal problem because, like so many doctors, he does not recognize any adrenal disorder short of Addison's Disease. I was deficient in many hormones and also had serious vitamin deficiencies, all of which my regular M.D. at a major clinic refused to treat.

After years of sickness and struggle, I found a D.O. (as opposed to an M.D.) and a Nurse Practitioner who are certified in Regenerative Medicine. They put me on a regime of DHEA, Armour Thyroid (instead of Synthroid), bio-identical hormones, B-12, and many other supplements. I no longer feel like the living dead, even though it's still quite a balancing act to keep all my levels optimal. It's also a hard financial struggle, since I have not been able to work. But without their help, the situation would be very bleak.

Try searching the Web for doctors associated with any of the following:
- Adrenal fatigue
- Armour thyroid
- Bio-identical hormones
- Regenerative Medicine

If you have a compounding pharmacy in your area that dispenses bio-identical hormones, ask them for the names of doctors who prescribe them. That is how I found my doctor.
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