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restless legs and dopamine

i am interested in dialoguing with anyone about restless leg syndrome.  i got it from tramadol. i am successfully dealing with symptoms with hylands restlful legs.  however it is not resolving itself. everytime i exercise it returns in full force.   it is not just an annoying thing that interupts sleep.  for me,  there is a greater feeling of disturbance.  i get an add or adhd component.  i can't concentrate and feel generally jumpy and unbalanced.   i am getting concerned about the effects of low dopamine on my personality.   i have a feeling there are more effects, perhaps irritablity, etc.  i want to know how to balance myself naturally and not take pharmaceuticals.  i think it has a adrenal insufficiency component also.  
any information or experience is very welcome.
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  Have you had any testing done to see if your magnesium or ferritin (stored iron) levels are too low? These can be a cause of restless leg syndrome.
  I have had a lot of testing done for my kids through a nutritionist (not for RLS though).
It is amazing how much info I have on their "inner workings" (deficiencies, mineral imbalances, etc.) It can be expensive, but it is so worth the cost.

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  Lol.  I just saw your "neurotransmitter" info journal page. I guess you have plenty of info to read through already! It can be extremely difficult to figure out how all of this kind of info applies to your own condition. Testing is expensive, but at least it can give you some answers to work with, as opposed to hit or miss, trial and error self treatment, which is what I did (and still do, to some extent) for way too long.
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Ican feel for you. I started taking Nueronton  for nreve paim in my frontal thighs and it hels
sometimes.,  I know there are medications to treat that.  It doesn't come to mind right now.  

Also I take Clonazapam for fibromyaga it helps sometimes too.

Just tell your dr.  to let you try the medication that treats restless legs (cost?)

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My doctor prescribed Sinemet (generic name: carbadopa/levo) 25/100mg each night, and I no longer have restless legs.  I've been taking it for about 4 years now, and as far as I know, I don't have any negative side effects from it.  (I know you said you prefer to balance yourself without pharmaceuticals, but if you don't find a way to do that, the Sinemet really works for me.)  Sleep is SO important.  Oh, also, I know what you mean about a general feeling of jumpiness that sometimes accompanies the RLS.  The Sinemet seems to help that too.  Best of luck with this.

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actually i was able to control the movement problem homeopathically with hylands restful legs.  it allowed me to sleep.  i have been getting over a tramadol addiction.  weeks passed where i was pretty much over it,  then,  i way overdid physical activity two days in a row.  i was exhausted but was required to keep going and i accomplished this with taking testosterone cream.    i assumed rest would put me back.  instead i flipped back into restless leg.  plus,  it was more obvious how i had concentration problems and general jumpiness due to the relapse into the restless leg state.    it is clear that dopamine is involved in add.   i say that because dopamine problems cause restless leg .  how is dopamine involved with general exhaustion or overstimulation of the adrenals?  i have looked for answers to no avail.
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