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ok i dont know where to begin to here it is im 19 and i have this problem but i dont really know if it is a problem ,i have this fear of being incomplet ,i also have a thing about getting attached i was 16 when i started working  because i was afraid to go back to high school and soon i became friends with people i work with and then i became friends with my boss ok going well i worked with her for two years and then we had an argument because i quit and i was hurt on the job the reason why i quit well hers the thing i feel bad about what i did to her and i mean im overly obsessed about where she's working i mean she was my friend i thought but were not any more why do i feel like this
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It is difficult for me to say anything definitive in response to your post; I was wondering if you could elaborate a little about what happened.  First, why did you quit your job, and how long ago was this?  When you say you were hurt, do you mean physically or emotionally?  And what was the argument with your work friend about?  Also, while this may not be relevant, why were you afraid to go back to high school?  If you could answer these questions, it would help me understand your situation better.  
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Apologies for the brief response, hopefully Dr. Greenburg will get back to you too.  I just wanted to understand your problem and really find it hard.  As no-one here of course knows you it is really important to try to explain your problem with as much clarity as possible.  I understand there are issues with feeling incomplete and with attachment?, with your boss?  And maybe you did something or behaved in an inappropriate way?  I'm sorry I just can't understand the post.  If you get little result from Dr. Greenburg too, I suggest maybe composing your post on paper first, and then putting it on.  We are all volunteers here and try to help because we want to, but I will be honest and say for me at least this is not clear enough.  I hope you get a good answer or feel comfortable to post again.  If writing this down is very hard also please try to talk this out with someone.  Anything that helps!

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