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Father of my baby is special needs

I'm 39 Weeks and worried about my baby's father. He is very tall and tends to run into things with his long arms and legs. I guess I just want him to be more careful and watch where he goes. He can be very clumsy and constantly hits his head on shelves and sometimes I'm the one that takes a hit. You think maybe with our baby being born, he'll be more careful?
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Thanks :-)
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As he has been diagnosed with mixed learning disabilities, it is very likely that he has Dy

spraxia as well.

It is a chronic neurological disorder beginning in childhood that can affect planning of movements and co-ordination as a result of brain messages not being accurately transmitted to the body.

I have read that up to 50% of dyspraxics have ADHD.

Other names for Dyspraxia are:

Developmental Apraxia
Disorder of Attention and Motor Perception (DAMP)
Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (DCD)
Motor Learning Difficulties
Perceptuo-motor dysfunction
Sensorimotor dysfunction

I hope this helps you understand that he cannot control his clumsiness.

Best wishes
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Thank you. All were very helpful. As for the dyspraxia question..he was diagnosed with having mixed learning disabilities. So, I'm not sure if he was tested for that. I will ask him about it, but it certainly sounds like he does. It seems as though he cannot help it.
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Hopefully he will be more careful, but he may not be able to change. You may have to be baby's primary caregiver.
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When you say that the baby's father is "very clumsy", has he been tested for Dyspraxia?  

People with Dyspraxia cannot help being clumsy, and will show signs of clumsiness and poor coordination and can have difficulties with some simple tasks, for example like tying shoe laces and other co-ordination skills that we take for granted.
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We can certainly hope so.  It may be a good idea to talk to him about this concern.  And something else you could do to get him used to handing a baby, is get a naturally sized baby doll, and show him how to hold her, change her, carry her, etc.  Hope this helps! - Blu
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