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is this Forum still active

I am new to this community. I would love to come aboard. I am 55yr in KY. 2 brain turmors in last 2 years. diag. with ADAD 2yr ago. had hearing loss from childhood due to not haveing T or A out. now after Radiosurgery for 11 weeks, my ear drum was damaged beyond recovery. thats enough complaining or as my sister remarks"do you want cheese wtih that Wine? "
I am also a Respiratory Therapist, worked in Durable Medical Equipment for over 25yr, Special Ed college(didn't finish) Special Needs Ministry Leader.
Now can i come in and play?
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thank you for the welcome. I look forword to visiting this board.
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Welcome aboard..come on in; the water's fine! You are most welcome here. I am so happy when new folks come and post. We are a pretty new forum, compared to others, so the "action" is still slow. Would love to see it speed up and the forum grow. I'm the also newish CL...need to get my "welcome" message up, but have been extremely busy at work and exhausted when I get home.


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