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Can't focus. Difficulty sleeping?

I'm a graduate student taking all of my classes online. Initially all of the conditions that were conducive to my concentration were seemingly in place. Despite a somewhat noisy housemate, I had a fan to drown out a good amount of the noise. My laptop has also made a loud ticking noise since the day I got it, and the fan was able to drown out that noise for the most part as well. Now that the fan has died I'm not able to concentrate on my work, and since I was accustomed to the noise it made, I can't focus with any other fan, and I can't sleep either. This sounds odd to any person without concentration issues, I'm sure. What can I do to get back on track? I'm positive that doctors will only prescribe me anxiety/depression medication. I don't know if that will help.
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It's not like it's a medical problem for you to have to go to a doctor for this, is it? It seems fairly simple to me.
You can do a couple of things. One of them could be asking your housemate to keep it down. They normally shouldn't be so loud you can't even hear yourself in your room with the door closed.
Why does your laptop make a clicking noise? Are you sure there is nothing wrong with it? You can go get it checked out.
Otherwise, are you sure you absolutely NEED the fan to focus? If that's the case, just buy a new fan. It would be useless trying to fix the old one without having some sort of accident (electrical accident, or one of the blades coming off; someone would just get hurt somehow).
You could get accustomed to the sound of the new fan.
But I would highly recommend that you just get used to the sound of your laptop. What if you have to go to the library or somewhere public with you laptop? You couldn't drag around a fan to kill the noise, could you?
Hope this helped a bit.
Let me know if it didn't; I can always come up with new ideas
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