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Hi, I'm a 29 nearly 30 year old female & i have been suffering with social anxiety for most of my life. This has now turned into a panic disorder where i feel awful every time i have to leave the house. I have become a recluse, list a lot of my friends, my husband doesn't understand & I'm missing out on my daughter growing up. I am on my 3rd session of CBT therapy but it is so slow paced & doesn't seem to be helping much yet so i am thinking about trying hypnotherapy to see if it works. Has anybody tried this & does it work??
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It didn't work for me. Do you also have a lifestyle coach?
I listened to motivational speakers & went to seminars. That helped!
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Hypnotherapy can help you uncover the deeper meaning behind it all, which can sometimes help, ive tried hypnotherapy for my phobia of birds and it worked partially, but its expensive and the only way to find out is to try unfortunately  
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