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Does anyone here start to have a panic attack when you have to do relaxation techniques that focus on your breathing. When ever I do it, I start to feel like I can't breathe then I start to panic. Also does anyone else have a hard time trying to stay focused on what the person is saying or does your mind wander? How can I work on this?
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Although meditation or similar relaxation techniques have been helpful to me off and on through my long journey with anxiety/agoraphobia, each of us is different.

Whatisnext mentions the value of distraction with a hobby.  We have discussed this many times in the agoraphobia forum.  Any activity that you can immerse yourself in seems to help calm the anxiety.  

For me, the trick to getting out after 3 yrs of being virtually housebound, was to just do it!

Baby steps.  First walking around outside my apt.  Then around the complex.  Then driving to nearby mini mart.  Then to nearby mall.  You get the picture.

BTW: I cannot tell you how much being a part of this forum helped.  Honestly, the support I received here was what got me going.  I used to do something; then race back home and post my small victories:).   The neat thing is I remember the advice I was given to this day...and use to get out.

Example: This morning for some unknown reason, I woke shaking all over.  This was a common problem for me last year.  Today, I knew it was not going to stop me.  I dressed and took off for Starbucks.  Being out pays big dividends.  I talked to a couple of people; petted a cute dog; even a downpour (another thing that used to make me anxious) couldn't stop my enjoyment.  When I felt anxiety, I stopped it by being grateful for the rain; pulled over until the worst was over, and continued on.

Good luck.
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You know I can so understand what you are saying above. My Agoraphobia is allot like that Remission and then Out of No Where Like you said Bam I'm out the door doing things and then its gone as fast as it came. I'm fighting really hard write now and finally going to see a doctor and work on stuff again. I hate Panic attacks and I hate to go threw this stuff again and again.....But As you know such is life and like 29sillygirl said two steps forward one step back.......And we all keep moving....
Take Care,
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Yes that is how my journey of agoraphobia has been!!! It actually has been in "remission" then bam out of no where, that big panic attack happens and I am at square one!!!! Trudging the road to happy destiny. Like they say in the big book of AA
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Thanks.  One more reminder: on our journey, we often take the proverbial two steps forward, one step back.  Never be discouraged by one day or one week when you perceive that you are not doing as well as the day or week before:).
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Thank-you so much for your comment. I am going to try to be more active on this forum. Congrats on your victories!!!
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