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45 year old son rude to his 65 year old Mom

Single son - never married - holds a good job and has his own home lives alone...- but not a happy camper. Mom tries to help him ...he is the middle child of three. He gets in trouble because of his drinking - and is currently under probation for an incident that happened 4 years ago.

Lately he makes rude comments to his Mom - for instance his folks took him to dinner for his birthday (which he was asked beforehand if he had plans and said it was okay and even picked the restaurant). At the dinner he complained they were taking too long and Mom said - sorry I didn't know you had plans ...his response was "Do you think I sit at home on a Saturday night with my thumb up my ***". Wow - Mom became silent - what should she have said...and if you ask him to repeat something he has said _ because you didn't hear it the first time - he becomes upset...he has a drinking problem -..don't know what Mom should say or do?
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That's not your son. It's just a symptom of the disease of alcoholism that he has. I'm sure you're both aware of many other symptoms that he displays. Learn everything you can about the disease. It's threefold: mental, spiritual and physical. The more you both know the more you know what to expect from him. Depression is a major symptom. It's a downward spiral until they get sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Not too much anyone can do about the attitude of an alcoholic. All we can do is turn them loose to experience the consequences of their disease without any further help and assistance from us, and then put the focus on ourselves. We're affected by their actions, but we can learn a course of steps to alleviate  that.
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... through Alanon. a place for family friends of alcoholics, where you can learn from others how to live your own life, and not be overly sensitive to the actions of an alcoholic, and learn how to have the alcoholic deal with the consequences of their actions.

at the very least, his parents will learn through alanon, as you may, not to take offense from the actions of an alcoholic...

you want him to get help, often it helps to promote that if the family telling the alcoholic get's the same help for themselves. it's not then a question of do what i say and not what i do...
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