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Alcolholic Parents during the Holidays

Do you try to make an extra effort to include a disruptive angry Alcoholic relative during the Holidays?
  Should you leave them out for the happiness of the children ?
   Do the Alcolholics have a pattern of ruining every family supper & party?  Pamela
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Do we choose the Alcoholic's angry, disruptive behavior over the Children's happiness??

We know the alcoholic has choices

the Children do not, They are dependent on us to make the right choices for Them

I understand Your delimma (been there, done that) but the answer is:  

Put the Children first and hold the alcoholic responsible for His/Her own behaviors.

Good Luck.  I truely understand this issue.

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I forgot to say:

Bottom line, I would not include the angry, disruptive alcoholic for the Holiday Party.
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I agree with Tinkerbell. No nasty alchoholics doing and saying inappropriate things they don't need to see or hear at this very special time of year for THEM. Santa Claus...peace, love. In my opinion, I would not invite the angry alcoholic. Sent with humility....Kat
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I agree with the above, Christmas is for kids first. Giving the alcoholic a head's up and maybe they'll surprise you and want to come sober. Who knows.. But you could never be discredited for putting children first....

Happy holidays ~
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Am sitting here reading these letters So mad How I letThis man use me most of my life I don't even want to say how old I am Been married for 41 one years  I  provided a home for him but we broke up 5or 6 years  then we get back to gather he even got on crack and went to prison for 2 years Promising he was going to church as soon as he got out it was back to drinking and raising hell He is the Kinda drunk that won't say a word when he is not drinking he will do things around the house so it came time to get his social security he had know papers so I took him 120 mile to get them he got his fist check he got drunk every day till the money was all gone the thing he say to me cute like a knife he hope I die I could not take it any more I call the police  and he is in jail now I have to go to court Friday I stayed so long because I hate living by my self I don't live in a  safe negbihood I all so wanted to retire but now thanks to him I will have to keep working I will also try to get in a senior citizen apt I stay up stiil l4 am every night I don't know what I will do when I go back to work  my children are grown  and gone thank God this should be the best days of ny life instead I feel likeI wasted  most of my life If you see your self in this letter young ladies belive me it won't get any better so leave soon as possible don't end up like me bitter  alone mad and scared
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No matter what age your are it is time to start living your life. Every day of your life is precious. Find things you like to do now. Forget the past and start new. Enjoy your children but also you have a life. I am glad I didn't choose that life because the rest of my family did. I went a different way. I hope others learn from you too. Stay away from that "man".
thanks for being you,
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I used to be a child of alcoholics so I had no choice. So no you shouldn't allow the alcoholics over if you have a choice and it sounds like you do. They will ALWAYS be disruptive.
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