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what can i do to help?

my mother is an alcoholic, i think she has been for a long time. i really want to help her, but i have problems sensing emotions and/or what's going on. she might be going into a rehab program soon and she has been attending aa. she seems to keep going to work, family events, and other things as if nothing is going on until she breaks again. i am worried, is there anything else i could do to help?
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You would not be intruding on Your Mother's privacy by attending al-anon meetings.  Al-anon is a support group for the Family of the alcoholic.  You have Your own 'issues' as alcoholism is a 'Family disease' and leaves no Family member un touched or un affected.  Al anon offers support for YOU and along with that it brings much understanding, education about the Family dynamics that come into play. It can ONLY benefit You as You gain more insight
This I know is true
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I think you're getting Alcoholics Anonymous confused with Alanon,  What the mighty TTinKK says is true, ALANON is just for you. You can access Alanon online , online for teens, and in person for both adult and teens in any city near you. I hope you can go in person, it' helps to have others to lean on and talk to about things that have come up and will come up for you during the process your mother is going through.

That's good news right? A place in this just for you ?

this is alanon online........


these are alanon meetings .......


I'm real proud of you for looking out for your mom and wanting to help her. Trust that she's got people to talk to at the meetings. I think once you do get involved, or at least read from the above sites about what goes on in the Family Meetings for Loved Ones Of Alcoholics, you will feel better understanding that your mom has got a support group that is helping her, and that what you see is your mom working a recovery program of her own.

You could stick around here, this is a great site to be involved with to talk about anything and everything under the sun. You might even mention it to your mom that you came here and found out about Alanon, and that you're going to check it out  online or in person, I'm sure your mom would be very grateful to know that you were being proactive about learning about how to best support a loved one with alcoholism. In fact,by telling your mom about what you're doing, i'm pretty sure it will bring you even closer to your mom. I'm sure she'll feel grateful that you care enough and are mature enough to access a program that is meant to help you. It will take some of the pressure of of your mom, because as a mom whose an alcoholic i can tell you that we worry about how our alcoholism has affected our loved ones, so to be told that our loved ones are looking after themselves and getting educated, it will make your mom feel supported.

You can tell your mom that Medhelp is where a lot of addicts come for support for themselves. just in case she might ever want to check it out herself.

I'm proud of you for caring so much. and i'm always here if you want to talk.

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Great news that Your Mother is going into re hab and attending AA !!

The ONLY thing You can do is be loving and supporting to Your Mother in Her effort(s) to be sober.   Al-Anon is a support group for those who love an alcoholic - it would be beneficial for You to attend Al-Anon meetings as You will learn much about alcoholism and what has worked and not worked for others who love the alcoholic.
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thank you, i don't think i will attend because i don't want to intrude on her privacy. but i will be sure to make sure she knows that i care.
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Actually, Alanon is about supporting you, more than it is your mother, However, by supporting yourself the best way you can (and also through your psychologist) you are supporting your mom the best way you can. You're doing GREAT for one so young. Always here dear, if you want to talk.
I'm a mom that is a gratefully recovering alcoholic and have been sober since 1999. Long term sobriety HAPPENS honey. Have FAITH. One day i hope you'll look back on all of these problems with pride that your family all got through them, as my family has. I'm here to talk if you ever feel you can.
I grew up in a very dysfunctional home, and unfortunately i was predisposed to addiction because of it. I think that's one of the reasons why your mom made sure you got to a psychologist, so that you can be the healthiest you , you can be, as you grow into adulthood. You have the best chance, by opening up and talking about everything that bothers you even a little bit. Try to open up and never feel you can't talk about how you're feeling , okay?
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thank you so much, both of the messages that you have left here have helped me a lot. i will check al-anon out and see what i can do, and make sure to tell my mom that she can find support here as well.  i'm looking at the site now and it looks like something that could really help me (and my brother as well).

the fact that you have taken the time to write this out means so much to me, thank you.
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You're so welcome honey. I hope you keep us updated through this post of how you are . any day, every day, we'll watch out for you and your brother.

If ever you want to message privately either of us, or both, for support you simply hit the person's name and then "send a message". ...

we''ll be there for you, I promise. every step of the way ,
You all deserve your happiest most fulfilled life,
we'll help you get there..
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