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Addicted or Experimenting?

I drink heavily, although I am a minor. Some of my friends have pretty cool parents who buy alcohol for us. At least we know who we're getting it from? But anyway. I've been a little confused as to where I am addicted to alcohol, or just experimenting with it. I have some things to support both sides. I feel I may be addicted because, when I'm not under the influence of alcohol, I almost always wish I was. However, I do not drink during weekdays or on days prior to school days. I only drink on weekends. But when I do drink, I drink so heavily that I often pass out. I almost always require a "babysitter" (someone to look out for me and watch what I do) when I drink, because I know that at times I can get out of hand. However, I also sometimes think I may just be experimenting with it. I don't drink alone and haven't tried most of the alcoholic beverages out there, I'm more one for coolers (Baccardi Breezers) and vodka mixed drinks (Smirnoff Ice) and I don't usually spend my money on alcohol,  get someone else to buy it for me. I don't stand outside liquor stores with money asking adults to boot (buy alcohol) for me, but I always take what I can get. So, I don't know if it counts as being addicted, or if it's experimenting, or maybe even recreational?
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There's more to alcoholism than the stereotypical one you referred to in your post. Sure, there are those that drank alone during the day on a weekday out of a brown bag on the street. Alcoholics live and work around us and chance are, you see them alot but don't know. Considering you mentioned your inability to stop, and your inability to take care of yourself when drinking, it can become a slippery slope if you don't put an end to it. It could be just something you decide to quit when you grow up.

Ask yourself this: How has my drinking affected me negatively? You have one answer already. Not being able to control the amount I consume. Second would be how has my drinking affected others? Well my friends want to have a good time but they have to babysit me instead.

Every decision you make affects you and everyone around you whether it be good or bad. Try to realize what is happening now and stop it before it's too late. We all thought we were invincible when we were younger. Read through this forum. There are many who have suffered the negative health consequences as a result. There are countless others who may not have health problems, but relationships, education, and many other problems have arised.

I'm not against experimentation at all. We've all been there and done it. It goes too far when you continue despite negative consequences.
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I drank just like you.  I'm 22 and decided I wanted to quit drugs and alcohol.  Sobriety didn't bring me happiness until I got a support group, and that happens to be AA.  I didn't know what happiness was until I got sober.  I realized I didn't have to drink to be liked, to fit in.  Before I didn't even realize I was drinking to be liked or to fit in.  Sobriety has been absolutely amazing and totally miserable at the same time, but I actually get to feel these feelings in sobriety.  It's a beautiful life.  Your writing sounds clear and smooth, but your talent may never come to fruition if you don't give it a chance.  Pain and growth occupy the same space
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you've gotten some good advice here which is gentle and sound..heres my 50 cents...the adults buying this for u and their own kids have a MAJOR problem....headwise and most likely alcohol of their own and need charges pressed on them plus their rears kicked to timbuktu......and heres another thought and i've had many a young woman tell me over the years that while she was in a state of inebriation sex was coerced upon her by so-called friends and sometimes unknowns at a party......so when u render urself powerless others in power will impinge upon u!The light has gone on upstairs for u to be posting here.....hopefully the light will fill ur entire self and u will cease this crazy behavior soon!
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ur to young to be going thru this stop while u can before its too late...im an alcholic
and still drinking im 28...
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