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Am I in trouble?

I know I have a problem with alcohol. For the past almost two months I have been drinking about a third of a bottle of whiskey every night.  I do it so I can just fall asleep. I don't even like how it tastes - I drink it straight and very fast. Then I either fall asleep or sometimes talk to people on the phone and then I don't even remember what I said. This morning I woke up with a bruised rib and black and blue marks from when I apparently fell over last night. I feel like I'm going to die. AA isn't really an option for me - I am not religious and the religion aspect of it really turns me off. I just don't know what to do. I'm 35, have a great job - but really no relationships, as I drink myself into a stupor every night.
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Hi Lily74
The  answer in the humble opinion of this alcoholic to your question about if you  are in trouble because of your drinking is yes you could be, in fact you answered that question yourself.

The World Health Organization's International Classification of Diseases refers to "harmful use" of alcohol, or drinking that causes either physical or mental damage in the absence of alcohol dependence. In other words, ALCOHOL ABUSE IS ANY HARMFUL USE OF ALCOHOL.
You should start by visiting with and talking to your family doctor.
You also have to be brutally honest first with yourself about how drink is affecting you and others around you, you need to be honest with your doctor so he can chose a proper treatment plan for you.
The question that one has to ask is how bad do you want to stop?

About AA:
AA is non-professional – it doesn't have clinics, doctors, counsellors or psychologists. All members are themselves recovering from alcoholism. There is no central authority controlling how AA groups operate. It is up to the members of each group to decide what they do. However, the AA program of recovery has proved to be so successful that almost every group follows it in very similar ways.
AA is not a religious organisation nor is it affiliated with any religious body. It welcomes members of all religions, agnostics and atheists alike. You don't have to sign up or achieve anything to be a member. You're a member of a group if you choose to be. You can come and go as you please. No one is "in charge" of a group. We work through the offer of help and suggestion only. No one can tell you what you should or shouldn't do.
It is just a matter of time before your life falls apart.
Try AA, get to a few meetings,Go with an open mind, go to an out of town meeting if you are concerned about anonymity, remember those that you meet in AA are there to get sober just like you would be.

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I knwo you said the whole religious part of AA you dont really agree with but it does help you meet other people who are dealing with or have dealt with what you are dealing with. Just meeting other people to talk to helps. Trust me it will help you I didnt like the idea of AA until I actual tried it.
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hi, both of these post are right on target lily.  You can be athiest,and still recover in the program.  It was the only option i had left. try it with an open mind,and it will help u.  good luck.
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there is a saying in AA...take what u can use and leave the rest!when i got sober i had NO sober friends who respected/understood what i was trying to acheive.I figured i had no problem going in2 a bar alone to drink nor did i have a problem going to buy drugs alone!so i went to AA and NA and found new friends.....and watched for those who walked what they talked.....steer clear of the BS'ers......(.just like life their everywhere).....and have a quality of life today i never woulda had had i not attended AA and NA.U need a sober support system....the saying an alcoholic or addict alone is in bad company is so true..u cannot acheive sobriety by urself!
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