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Am I over-reacting or should I get help?

I really dont know who to talk to about this, so I figured this would be a good place to begin. Im a college student, and about end of summer last year, I began drinking a lot. I drank about 4-5 times a week at that point and I was taking at least 10 shots a night and some mixed drinks on occasion. I started to cut back some, and now i have cut back to about 3 or 4 times a week, and not as heavy drinking. I still have nights now where I drink a lot, and I never have hangovers, which is why it didnt bother me to drink so much. I had a lot of nights of blacking out, and I would have pictures and videos on my phone to show the night. Ive had a lot of bad things happen to me during this drinking. (car accident, unprotected sex, risky behaviors, bad decisons,) honestly, writing this makes me really upset with myself. But i have had some of the most terrible things in my life happen to me since my drinking habits have began. Ive been blacking out a lot lately, and i feel like im starting to get a little out of control. I dont understand why i cant stop drinking so much, I would think i would have more common sense to not drink so much, and I tell myself I'll be good and I just end up waking up and not remembering parts of the night. Two days ago was the first time I woke up still drunk, and even after not remembering a thing from the previous night, I still took 4 or 5 more shots at 9am. I dont know whats wrong with me, my friends think Im over reacting and that I dont have a problem but im starting to get concerned about my health. I started doing research on alcoholism, but I still dont really know if my behavior is normal or not. I dont know if I have a problem, but if I do, I want to get better. I dont think this is something I should take lightly and the fact that i even think I may have a problem, says a lot to me.
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Sounds like alcoholism to me. Quit and don't drink anymore, before it's too late and something really bad happens to you. Never mind what your friends say, My friends wanted me to continue to drink with them also, so I had to find new friends. I went to a recovery program and studied the twelve steps of AA and learned so much and also how to live life sober. I get so much done now, always busy and productive. My mind is so clear now and no more bad stuff happens anymore. All those things happened to me also and it scared me into quitting drinking. I got afraid also of liver problems. On medhelp you will see many people with alcohol related liver disease, it is so scary. When you quit your mind will clear and your studies will be better. Don't give in to it, quit now, go to AA meetings and find a sponsor and sober people to do normal things with not boozing. You can read on twelve steps of AA on your computer also. Trust me, life gets so good being sober. Look up AA meetings on your computer and go please.
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Like OpenMind42hours said. You have to recognise the problem, you are questioning your activity and behaviour which is a good start. Learn now that it is not a good life style. When I drank I would always think about when I could have my first drink. I rarely drank before midday but as soon as 12 noon was reached I went for the fridge. It takes over your life. Do you have a girlfriend/wife? If so learn to focus your attention toward her instead of the alcohol. Women love attention and if you are in love then love will be the drug that replaces the alcohol. This is how I have managed to stay away from the alcohol. You say you  are a college student so you sound like a young person to me, which is when I started drinking and did for 20 years. You even say yourself you do stupid, do you want to continue like this? You must get your head and attitude right. Don;t give in, stay strong.
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Hello, I'm Robert and I'm an alcoholic. Nobody could call me an alcoholic but me. I knew exactly when I crossed the line but I didn't stop drinking until I was 36. I tried to quit on my own a few times and couldn't do it under my own steam. I got help. I go to AA. I'm powerless over alcohol and it makes my life unmanageable. Once I start I can't stop drinking until I reach a certain point, usually a black out. I've driven drunk. I've endangered ppls lives on the road. Never killed anyone...yet. I've effected the lives of my family with my drinking. Drinking took over my hobbies, interests and jobs. It consumed my entire life. It wasn't like that at first, I grew into it gradually. I still have "Yet's" out there waiting to happen. They just haven't happened...yet.

I can go on, but what I'm getting at is: if you can honestly say you can identify somewhat with me, or if you feel you're powerless over alcohol and it makes YOUR life unmanageable, then it's time to think about the fact that you might be having a problem with it. Totally up to you to make that call.

If you want to stop we will support you.
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