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Can it be done alone?

This trying to stop drinking is a horrible situation isn't it.  I don't know how I've gone 10 days without a drink.  Recently, I took out a bottle I had stashed away as an incentive not to drink.  It was in a suitcase in the back of my closet. (Hey alcoholics hide booze don't they :-( )
The logic is that if I see it and don't touch it, I've won the war for today.  There are however times when I am or so tempted to open it up.  Also, many times there seems to be something missing in my life without a taste of that troublesome liquid.  Hope I can go on resisting.

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If you've been off for 10 days, you're doing great.  I won't lie to you- it's still going to be a tough month, but you may have gone through some of the worst physical symptoms.  Pour out your old bottles - they're too much of a temptation.  
You should really get some support if you're struggling - AA or a friend who can hold you accountable.  My wife kept me off of it during that time period, because she didn't want me to get any worse.  If you can find some support, you'll feel better mentally.
It really does get better- I can't tell you exactly when, because it's different for everybody. If you can get over the hump though, it's better on the other side.  
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Congrats on the 10 days!!!  I stashed the empties, and badly.  I live with a normie drinker and there is alcohol in the house.  I keep the bottles put away, and for the first several months I did not touch the bottles. I have only been able to stop drinking as long as I have by joining AA.  I had my first month down when I entered AA and that chip made such a difference for me.  I have collected more of them, but at the end of every day I go to bed sober and I wake up sober.  I talk to my sponsor twice a day, I account for my thoughts and actions with my sponsor.  I had many ups and downs, still do.  I am coping better each and every day.  I found the concept of gratitude a great help when I first sobered up.  I still value my gratitude, heck, I am grateful I can be grateful.  LOL.  All the best and do what works for you, one day at a time.  
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  Never give up.  I've been happily sober for 12 years..the best (and toughest) years of my life. I could not hav done it without AA...lots of people who understand, and lots of good support...the ONLY requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking.  However you do it, good luck to you!
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i love the saying an alcoholic alone is in bad company...u need support..if ur not going to attend AA u need to find a recovery support group thru a counseling center or church if thats ur bag...this cannot be done alone.u need to be around ppl who r trying to do the same thing ur doing which is sobriety!
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I think you are doing great.  I just admitted to myself a couple of weeks ago that i am an ancoholic.   I have started going to AA and i dreaded it, but i am going to an all womens meeting an it was very encouraging.  I also started private therapy.  I need help so bad.  I am having a glass of wine as i type this.  And I feel rotten about it.  I am praying my dr. will prescribe cambral tomorrow for me.  I have all but begged.  
Good luck to you and please go to AA meeting.  They are a great bunch of people who know how to stay sober.  good luck.Tjack
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I have been sober for 8 years this month.  The last 10 years were hell -- drank vodka morning noon & night til I passed out.  Had 2 complete blood transfusions due to bleeding ulcer.  Lost baby boy at 9 months (stillborn) as I couldn't live without a drink.  Did I still want to drink after these consequences (and many more?).  Of course I did!  I'm an alcoholic!!  I had to hit my bottom at age 43 to admit I needed help.  I walked into an AA room, crying, asked someone to be my sponsor and went to a meeting everyday.  It was not easy - but what a tremendous gift - being sober.  See, after awhile it's not just about putting down the drink.  It's about living life on life's terms.  You learn all this stuff while doing the 12 steps.  The people in the program are fantastic - they understand me better than any of my "normie" family/friends.  All I can suggest that if you're sick & tired or being sick & tired - keep an open mind and listen to the people in the rooms (of AA).  Let me be honest--this is a killer disease that only progresses.  But recovery progresses too and I have seen miracles all around me.  We are not a cult; we are simply alcoholics who have learned to stay sober one day at a time.  Good luck to you all!  Joanne
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ah yes..this is the kicker ..living life on lifes terms.....i would not have 24 years of sobriety clean time had it not of have been for AA/NA and REFUSING 2 submit to the urge to use anything.grey8 2 c u here!
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Okay, I should talk.  
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i have this bad or good habit of conking out on the sofa...dogs snoring around me and surrounded by the warmth of Sedwick my big white kitty w/red patches.I then awake at 1:30am!Well its sunday morn and Happy Mothers Days to the Ladys and also to u Jacker for u r a mother of sorts to ur beloved canine!
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I usually fall asleep on the counch too (phase 1 of the late evening), but it's usually the cats that are on me. Cats tend to relax me when sleeping because they go completely limp.  I'd like to settle with my border collie, but this early in his life he does not like to settle when I'm around - he prefers to spring-board off of my face (not very relaxing).  
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hahahah!typical young border collie!ah they keep us young don't they?my new addition Keota just turned 2 greyhound races round my backyard like a freight train.What a powerhouse!and i love the warmth of my 10 lb Sedwick white boi with red patches....found in a dope dealers house abandoned with a dog and left to starve.He ain't starving now and what a nice blanket he makes!Such a loving cat..thinks he's a dog.......they help keep me somewhat sane in my sobriety!
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you guys be carefull sleeping with thoughs cats..the hair gets into your lungs and doesn't come out..ever....really...billy
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happy dog mothers day 2 u billy......i have said when i die and they open me up they'll find 10 lbs.of cat hair in me...thats ok..i've had such great companionship with my critters as u well know!:)))))
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I am a divorced, unemployed, living back home again helping out my
96 year old mother as best I can.  Besides, not having a job limits the accommodations
I can afford.

I recently dealt with stress issues by drinking more than usual, and took ill as a result.
I have not had a drink for over a month and wanted to have a beer this past weekend.
I have been a regular daily drinker for 35 years.

My mother ‘freaked out’ and said I’d get so sick that I’d die if I ever touched a drop of
alcohol again.  She too would get sick and have to sell the house and go to an old folk’s
home.  She’d have to have our cat put down as she could not look after him.

This is total over-reaction on her part and all over a can of beer.  Do you not agree?

This is not support in any way shape or form.  I think too that I may be too proud or
Ashamed to go to a support group for fear of someone saying something to offend me.
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Over reaction on your 96 year old mother's part??  I think you probably know that this isn't over JUST a can of beer.  Her reaction is most likely from years of watching you abuse yourself.  She knows, just like you, that an alcoholic can't have ONE can of beer.  Eventually, it will lead to more and more.  THAT'S what the issue is.

I've watched this happen in my own family with my brother.  My mom just passed away from liver cancer (she never drank alcohol) a few months ago at the age of 66.  It was a horrible thing to see, believe me.  But I'll never forget her words as she was walking out of the house to go to the hospital for the last time.  She said "Tell your brother if he continues drinking the way he has and REALLY gets a liver problem, he's going to know it.  This is the worse pain I've ever had".  

I told him, and guess what?!?!?  He showed up at the hospital to visit her with booze on his breath and sneaking out to get more.  He showed up at her funeral the same way, and continues to lie to the rest of the family about it - when it's obvious.  He treats us like we're stupid.  Like we haven't seen this go on for the past 25 years.  He used to model, and now he looks horrible.  Face all puffy and red.  It's sad.

My point is, try to put yourself in your mothers shoes.  She's watched this go on for years.  It's probably killing her to watch her son slowly kill himself.  No....she's not over reacting.  She loves you and is scared for your life.  What kind of support do you want from her?  The damage is done, both physically and emotionally.  And you're the only one that can fix it.
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these words r very sweet and my sentiments exactly!
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Well, I have started drinking again - 2 small vodkas My justification was that it's the only fun I have. Stupid right.
I broke my left upper arm in mid-June, and that didn't help my self-pity.
Last week I fell 3 times at night and injured myself, although no broken bones just a
black eye and the healing parts have been shaken up and are sore and throb.
I seek support and comments.  I guess I can't do it alone.
Please advise
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ur lucky u didn't fall crack ur head open and bleed to death......anything can happen when ur drunk and many of us know that here cuz we been there done that....sure wish u'd try some AA and find a good substance abuse counselor in ur area!this should show u its the first drink that gets ya drunk....and u cannot control this!
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Your story sounds way to familiar.  Please read my post and go to AA.  It's great, I promise.  Just go....  I'm a normal person, mom with a great life.  This disease effects everyone and anyone.  Just go.  The people there are just like you.

Charlie's girl
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