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Checking In!!

Just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing.  I am grateful for another day sober and not living that life of insanity anymore.  A young couple from my hometown wasnt so lucky Saturday night.    Both had been drinking, left the bar and were driving home when he lost control of his truck, rolled a few times and both of them were ejected(no seatbelts were used).  She died at the scene, was 26 and had 2 small kids.  He was just taken out of ICU awaiting more surgery.  In MN you are charged with vehicular manslaughter if you are the driver and there was a death where alcohol is involved.  I am reminded how lucky i was that i never hurt or killed anyone when i was actively using as i lived by the "it will never happen to me" motto.

ibizan..give your babies a hug and a pat on their butts for me!!  Calamity and the weagle are anxiously awaiting spring or maybe i am!! lol
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SO GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU DEAR LADY!I like you am grateful I never hurt anyone as a result of my drunk/drugged driving!This forum is fairly quiet!No doubt you have a LOT of activity in the addiction one due to the opiate TSUNAMI- its beyond an epidemic!So good to hear from you and i will give my kids your love-please do likewise to yours from US!
The SA forum is pretty quiet too.  Once all the changes here happened awhile back the traffic just dropped off.  Changes are happening with the new owners so hopefully it will pick up.  We could be so much help to SO many.  The epidemic is just heartbreaking as the help is out there.
You are so right!They have to commit themselves to want to get better!
Best commitment i ever made~
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