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How is Everyone?

The MedHelp Moderator asked me if I was still interested in being CL.I responded that I check this site daily for new postings and don't find any!I'm beginning to wonder that due to the opiate epidemic if the majority of inquiries in the entire forum are @ opiates?Alcohol is still a killer,taking many lives a year and contributing to heart disease and various cancers!
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I think you would make a great CL!  Part of the problem may be the new format that drives folks away. :(
Jugglin-thank you!I've been the CL here since 2007.The new format is different indeed,I liked the old one better too!
Ok, I thought you were a leader here already and missed that they were asking if you were "still interested".  I wish this forum had more activity....the knowledge here is truly amazing and the support is firm but kind.  Thank you for doing what you do!
You are welcome!There have been many who've come seeking advice @ their drinking problems and do not re-post.Denial @ the problem and a unreadiness to commit to sobriety are most likely key factors in the lack of activity here.I also think that many who've had alcohol problems and have moved onto opiates may be posting in the Addiction forum.It is a deadly combination and the HUGE numbers of ppl who've died in this country since 2010 have sadly....quadrupled!:(
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I'm still around. And I appreciate your work here as CL Ibizan.   I don't know why it's been so quiet here lately, although that's an interesting thought regarding the fact that people may have succumbed to more serious addictions.   I hope that's not the case, although the heroin epidemic is pretty serious where I live is well.    Also, maybe the search engines aren't finding this forum  quite as easily?  Who knows!
Hello Jacker!I think the new format here may be a challenge for some!The opiate epidemic where i live has been growing HUGE since 2004!I don't see if getting any better!I think many rationalize their drinking because its legal and may say its not as bad as the opiates!Just speculation! Would like to hear from members on this!
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I spoke with a cyber friend of mine in the Substance Abuse forum who says her forum appears to be at a stalemate as well.I feel this is most likely due to the opiate epidemic in this country.My feeling in that is two fold........A)I've been sober and clean for 33 years now.I see MORE folks going from alcohol and other drugs to opiates.B)My dayjob is substance abuse counselor for the past 31 years at the same agency.Our client load is 5x the amount of opiate addicts to alcoholics.Many have graduated,unfortunately to the opiates.And there are many rodeos for treatment....in/out...in/out...punctuated w/overdoses and for too many,unfortunately death.We are here to help,,if you would just post....and listen to what we have to say!It IS a New Year for recovery!
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