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How much damage could I have done?

Hi everyone,

I’m in to my fourth day of not drinking and feeling fairly positive. Would of course love a drink tonight but won’t be having one.

Since stopping, I’ve become increasingly worried (I’d say paranoid, but that would suggest it’s not real) about the damage I have already done. I am planning on making a GP appointment after a few weeks of not drinking but I was hoping you guys might have some insight in the meantime?

I’ve been drinking too much for years, but particularly for the last 5/6 years where I’ve been drinking everyday and I’m really concerned about what permanent damage I’ve done to my liver.

In the last couple of days I’ve been through old bank statements etc and have pieced together how much I’ve been drinking over the past 15 years, which I’ve included below.

I know you’re not medical professionals but would be grateful for any insights you could provide in terms of the potential damage I have done? Please be honest with me.

Thanks so much in advance for any help you can give.



2 years - age 17 to 19
- Drank on average 1 day a week
- Average 5/6 beer cans per drinking day

4 years - age 19 to 23
- Drank on average 5 days a week
- Average 5 shots of spirits and 5/6 beer cans per drinking day

2 years - age 23 to 25
- Drank on average 3 days a week
- Average 4 beer cans per drinking day

2 years - age 25 to 27
- Drank on average 4 days a week
- Average 4 beer cans and 1 shot of spirit per drinking day

1 year - age 27 to 28
- Drank on average 5 days a week
- Average 5 beer cans and 1 shot of spirit per drinking day

4 years - age 28 to 32
- Drank every day
- Average 4 beer cans and 2 shots of spirit per drinking day

Last 6 months - age 32
- Drank every day
- Average 5 beer cans and 3 shots of spirits per drinking day
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Healthy Natural steps you can take to reduce your withdraw symptoms and mitigate the dangerous affects include...


Whole Foods Diet rich in fresh vegetables and low in red meat and inflammatory substances such as sugar.

Morning Green Drinks (Spinach, Kale, Cucumber, Apple, Ginger, Blueberry, Pea Protein) -Daily


-Multi-Vitamin Mineral Complex

-Liposomal Glutathione [L-Glutathione]

-Calcium D-Glucarate


-Tumeric Root [Curcummin]

- B-Vitamin complex (Rich in Thiamin HCI) to replenish loss of B-vitamins and ensure proper CNS protection. Also helps protect against alcoholic peripheral neuropathy.

Neuro-Transmitter Supplements for neurological support during withdrawal periods:

-5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) [Helps with depression and boosts serotonin production

-GABA supplement (Helps reduce anxiety and mitigates GABA receptor overflow when withdrawal symptoms set in as the body has been accustomed to suppression of GABA receptors due to excessive alcohol consumption)

-Melatonin (Natural sleep aid helps reduce insomnia)

-Piracetam (Neuro-peptide has shown in studies to be beneficial in alcohol withdrawal and has near protective properties which help with oxidative stress)

ProBiotics and Pre-biotics:

Probiotic preferably refrigerated with at least 50 Billion (Helps to repopulate and rebalance your gut flora as alcohol destroys your microbial balance. These beneficial bacteria play important roles and also help to ensure the integrity of your GI tract.

Pre-Biotic Fiber such as Inulin (Feeds beneficial bacteria)

Alcohol damages and interferes with every cell in the body. It will over time throw the bodies homeostasis out of balance which leads to various diseases and ailments. The utilization of supplements and a whole foods diet will greatly reduce and help reverse the effects of alcohol. Having the right supplementation regiment and diet will ensure that cravings are curbed. When your body has all the nutrients and minerals it needs and is in a state of homeostasis you will not have the desire or urge to drink. Ensuring that you have the correct nutrition and balanced neurotransmitters the process of withdrawal will be greatly reduced in length and symptoms.

Former Alcoholic for 3 years, got up to drinking in the mornings through the day and finishing a bottle of hard liquor a day. Dropped to 1 bottle of wine then tampered off every other day adding another sober day each week until I was finally free. Relapsed twice before identifiying what my body really needed. When you give it what it needs you will be surprised as to how much stronger you will be at fighting having that next drink.

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Be careful quitting cold turkey on your own, at risk for seizures. Heroin withdrawal will make you shake but alcohol withdrawal can make you die. It's the only one that can. Detox or Dr's care can give you something like Valium to prevent siezures.
If you survive all that the body is amazing at healing itself.
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Being completely honest with your family doctor and getting a CBC w/emphasis on liver enzymes will tell you how your body has been affected.Great to hear you're examining your life and how alcohol affects it!
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