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It's been 2 years since we saw you...

Hey all. I have not checked in on here in awhile and tonight it hit me that I needed to. It's been two years to the day that my best friends father passed on from alcoholism. I knew him very well, especially the last year of his life. It was so hard to see the numerous bottoms he hit, each always worse than the last. I guess I am sharing this to possibly save someone else from the same fate, or to at least let it be known that alcoholism is a disease that kills...there was a point, I remember it well, that he was okay. He detoxed for 3 weeks and was finally "on track". He looked so, happy. Joyous. Free. When he relapsed, it broke our hearts. We cried. I don't know if he even saw how much his actions impacted us. But being an alcoholic myself, I sawall of  his ups and downs and felt like the same could be true of me. I understood it. But it still hurt.

As I said, I just wanted to share this experience and the aftermath of it all. My friend doesn't go one day without thinking about her dad and I am sure the same is true of her extended family. I miss him too. He's always in our hearts, gone but definitely not forgotten...
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I'm sorry for your loss. Thankfully you got to see him Joyous and Free, as he is now in heaven. Thanks for your post. You've said that you are also an alcoholic. Do you mind me asking how you are doing? Are you sober? Are you enjoying your life?
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I'm very sory to hear of your loss. Alcoholism is not easy by any means, I to have found myself in the same position living with cirrhosis. I was diagnosed at age 38.

You said "He looked so, happy. Joyous. Free" and your right, that's the feeling you get. Since my diagnosis I have been able to maintain sobriety for 983 days. Though living with cirrhosis is not easy, being sober has made this the best part of my life! I sure wish I would have done it before diagnosis!

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