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No Alcohol = return of recovered disorder from past + more :-(

I am coming across complications in my giving up of alcohol.  1. It is having a negative impact on my eating habits, a major one being that without a glass of wine or two I don't enjoy my food as much, and in particular have gone off savoury food and am eating loads of sweet unhealthy food.  Have recovered from both anorexia and bulimia, but fear falling back into having an eating disorder again.  I feel unable to cope with the high sensation/awareness of my body size.  2. Struggling to cope with my disability, the pain is HARD to bear.  3. Struggling to cope with B.P.D. emotional states.  4. Unable to use my coping mechanism of sleep due to reduced ability to sleep.  5. Fear of medicine, mainly pain relieve abuse issues returning.  5. Dislike myself more than ever, more aware of how ugly I look;am unable to face my body, so makes cleaning myself and self-care more difficult.  6. Very boring conservative and quiet person without booze down me.  Um....Any suggestions?  
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i would say you need some very complicated, intense impatient treatment.  they will work on cognitive behavioral therapy as well as your addiction.
positive thinking would help you a lot.  
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I have to say that I did not have any eating disorders before I got sober but I did have a lot of the other mental behavioral issues.  What I learned after I quit drinking is that I started drinking because mostly I could not handle my mental problems and drinking just masked the pain from them.  I know it is extremely difficult with life gives you so much to handle.  People say things like think positive or just ignore them, or such.  They mean well, but don't really know the stuggles.  I would first stongly suggest a therapist asap. I don't know what your disablity is, but I have severe arthritis and fibromyaligia and I too abused the pain pills.  It all just really *****.  But I promise as hard as it is too see a therapist and work thru it, in the end it is all worth it.  I have been sober for 3 years now, and I know I would not have been here without the help of my therapist.  (Which I no longer have to see :) ) I wish you luck in this difficult journey but I have faith you will perservere.
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if i could go back and tell my 25 yr old self some things, one thing i would tell her is that 'when you have had deep, emotional issues, do NOT use ANY mind altering substance for any length of time, ESPECIALLY alcohol'
it is like unlocking the door and allowing all those skeletons to come out and grow.  
i would really check myself into a hospital and have not heard from you, so hopefully you did.
wish you the best
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