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Remembering with gratitude

In 2002 I was in detox (yet again) and I was in a bad place. My rock bottom.

During my hospital stay and subsequent recovery one man, a complete stranger at the time was to befriend me and have a huge impact on my life, he would introduced me to AA taking me to my first meeting, he was someone I am so grateful to have met, we subsequently became good friends, he became my AA sponsor.
Sadly he passed away during the week after a long illness.

He predicted that if I stayed away from one drink for one day at a time I would have a life beyond my wildest dreams. He was so right

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Thanks everyone.
Dan was indeed a wonderful man. In my early sobriety he was very supportive and I honestly think he knew me better than I knew myself,  it was like he could read my mind or see how I was feeling.
He helped so many people over his almost 40 years sober.He had an aura of serenity about him that I can not explain but it showed me that I did not need to continue living a life of chaos and insanity.

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What a wonderful man he was Rod.  You are a reflection of him~~~~~~sara
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Sorry to hear about your sponsor. Your post really hits close to home. My long-time sponsor is getting very old. He's had heart surgery, pace makers... He's been a giant in my life since my first week in AA.  Also my best friend, nobody on earth knows me like he does. I can't imagine what AA would be like without him in my life. I've been thinking about it for a long time. He's the first real partnership I ever formed with another human being. He led me to learn to love myself, and now I can love others.

God bless rod44.
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i'm glad your with us here....glad i got to cyber meet u and enjoy hearing from you and your pearls of wisdom!hope you are feeling better physically!
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Ray I'm so sorry you have lost a good friend,I'm sure it has hit you hard,just keep remembering the life he led you to,

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