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Tests to see if a person with cirrhosis is still drinking?

I am wondering what are the tests used to see if a person with cirrhosis is still consuming alcohol? Thanks!
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Being completely honest with the family doctor is helpful.A CBC is done w/an emphasis on the liver enzymes profile.
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My aunt has stage 4 decompensated cirrhosis, so all of her blood tests are completely abnormal so that isn’t really helpful. She says she isn’t drinking anymore, but we aren’t sure. Obviously she is going to be evaluated for a transplant soon and just wondering how they will know if she honestly drinks or not. We want to know so we can help, but she is in such denial she says she hasn’t drank in years and has no idea how she has liver issues.  She’s been an alcoholic since I can remember.
You didn't mention stage 4 decompensated cirrohsis!They will determine if her system can handle a transplant.My experience w/one receiving a liver is that they have to be in counseling and have a proven length of sobriety.If her levels aren't good,and she hasn't been sober,then the transplant most likely won't occur. I've seen people get a liver,go back to drinking and pass away.It is truly sad. I've been in the substance abuse field for 33 years now.Soon to reach 35 years sober/clean.
Well that’s why I’m wondering if they. Can test to see if she is still drinking. She says she isn’t, and we haven’t actually seen her drink in a few months. But prior to that when she first found out, she said she stopped and we caught wine in her yeti instead of water, since she has gotten worse she says she isn’t drinking and honestly don’t know how she would since she doesn’t drive anymore. But you just never know. She has never told the drs she drank so I’m just wondering what type of tests or counseling etc they would do to see if she is.
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An ETG test that determines alcohol in bloodstream!
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Will this only pick up alcohol that was consumed that day? Because I am sure she is smart enough to not drink before going to the doctor. That’s how it has been in the past.
Depending on the type of ETG test used-it can detect alcohol from 12-72 hours!
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