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repeating thoughts music

I get music stuck in my head all the time.  It's kind of like my mind is harassing me.  I don't like it and it wakes me up with it.  I would rather not go on meds but its getting to be the last alternative.  I am very extreme and I am always thinking but sometimes it serves me well it's like I have a gift and a curse.  If anyone has any suggestions I am all ears.
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For years my husband had this problem with not being able to shut his brain down.
well, 30 years later we found out he has PTSD from being wounded badly in Viet Nam.
So, he did go on anit depressants and he takes just a simply sleep by tylenol at night and sleeps really pretty good now.  So, that is all i know.  I am sorry you are going through this lack of sleep thing.  I too have problems with it and do take a sleeper.
Best wishes. TJ
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i have a brain that does not quit....alcohol/drugs thank God have been gone from my life for 24 years now so i don't have that anymore....after years of that it stopped working as well.I love to read and i find that reading b4 i go to sleep will quiet my mind.
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I don't know if it wakes me up, but I have entire scenes that I "see" in my head. I've also had music stuck as well. Sometimes it'd be a commercial jingle (the most annoying kind) parts of a song I heard, or even a compilation of tunes that seem to be made up in my head. You're right about it being a blessing and curse, though I've taken it to be more "blessing" in my life.  I've taken to writing down the scenes I "see" and manipulate in my head. It makes me feel good to get the stories written.

That way I feel good putting that ability to good use even if it may keep me from falling asleep at times... Maybe that's something you can try. Writing down the lyrics, etc... See if that helps make you feel better.
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