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Alergie test says one thing, life experience suggests another


Since I was a kid I was know to have a sever allergic reaction to fish. My parents recount that when I was an infant a had an eczema reaction when I was given fish for the first time and repeated asthma attacks when I smelled fish being cooked in the house. Since then I was taught to avoid fish and fish was never cooked my apartment. If my parents wanted to eat fish we would get a table on the terrace of a fish restaurant where I could eat a non fish meal without any reaction.

However, recently I had multiple incidents where I accidentally ate food that I did think had any fish in them. First I had salmon flavoured cream cheese that I thought was regular creme cheese. Second time around I had nachos with some sauce that had bits of salmon in it. I thought that these items had very little fish in them and therefore that I just got lucky, given that I stopped myself in time. I decided to redo an allergy test after I ate a fishball that I thought was a falafel.

A skin test was administered and the results showed a sever reaction to fish. (I attached a photo of my hand moments after leaving the examination, the closest point to me is the reaction to fish. The other points are other allergies that I have, mostly pollen)
I was prescribed an epipen and told to have it with me at all times just in case some fish got accidentally into my food despite having explained the reason for taking the test in the first place. I then requested to test for various kinds of fish but the test results showed that I was allergic to all fish.

I did buy the epipen, and do have it in my school bag just in case, but I did not need to use it even when I, soon after having taken the test, ate a fish nugget that I thought was a regular chicken nugget. I had no reaction!

Could I be sensitised to the test?
I do remember a while back that I sat inside of a fish restaurant that had no tables outside and my eye did begin to itch. I am inclined to believe that this was a coincidence (I am allergic to a few other things as well).
Or could I possibly still have an allergy to the smell of cooked fish but not to eating it?

If I do not have an allergy to fish, I would really like to know definitely, and try some non-vegetarian sushi for once.
What should my next step be?
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Was type of fish was the test for, it's usually for shellfish which is a different allergy and does not include things like salmon.
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The lack of reaction to the fish nugget could also be because the fish is so highly processed your body didn't react the same way as normally so NO I would not risk trying anything else.  

I'm severely allergic to milk (lactose in prescription meds kills me) but for the longest time I would only have a very mild reaction to Dairy Queen's blizzards - I could eat an entire medium one and only have mild tummy upset.  :)

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I have read and also heard, that a person's allergies can change every five years, maybe this is your case. I would ask for another test to see what range you are in now for sea-food.
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