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Do I have chocolate,vanilla and caffeine allergies?

Chocolate:Every time I eat food that contain chocolate,I will have nausea and it can happen for hours.Sometimes it will upset my stomach and usually it happens in around an hour after I eat it.
Vanilla:I can't inhale the smell of vanilla as I will get dizzy as hell.Whenever I eat product that contain vanilla,i will need to go to the loo.
Coffee: Same as vanilla,I can't smell or drink it.Same when I drink tea. Is it because of caffeine?

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Perhaps but more likely they just disagree with you. Allergic reactions are a bit different than what you describe.  I wish I was allergic to those things as I have way too much of all three!  I'd eliminate them if they don't work for you.
Disagree? Why? Where did I do wrong? Hahaha. Ok, so basically it is not because I'm allergic to them right? No, they are a nice company when you are sad. Hahahaha, it's okay. I can eliminate them myself. :))) Thanks.
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Chocolate and coffee both have  alkaloids that people can be intolerant to, rarely allergic (I'm one of the the rare, I'll end up in the hospital if I eat alkaloids)
With vanilla, you'd have to determine if if is vanilla extract (which is a seed pod from an orchid plant) or artificial vanilla, which is derived from the beaver anal glands. You could be intolerant to the plant or the anal glands.
(I'd like to know who tried beaver anal glands to discover the taste and smell  was close enough to vanilla that it became a flavoring!?)
So, I'm one of the intolerant rights? because I just only feel nausea and stomach ache. Poor you. It must be hard.
I think I'm intolerant to the plant because I never eat the artificial one. Maybe hahaha.
(Hahahaha, why the anal glands actually? and flavouring? I would like to know as well.)
I'd say you're intolerant to them. If you want to treat yourself once in a while, knowing that you'll suffer a bit after words, then by all means lol ..I missed alkaloid foods the first month of completely eliminating them but my body responded so well I no longer feel bad for having to give them up. I don't miss ER visits either,  or looking like I got stung by a hundred bees. .lol you get it...yes...beaver glands are a peculiar thing... haha, one of those damned if you know and damned if you don't want to know but do...:)
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