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Drinking alcohol after eating makes me sick

I am 25 years old ,  Sometimes when I go out to a restaurant with friends I'll eat and maybe order an alcoholic drink or two. About six months ago I went out had dinner and about 15 minutes later I ordered a drink. Not long after drinking it my shoulder muscles started tensing up, i felt  nauseous and it seemed like my whole body was cramping up. I thought it might have been the whiskey, something in the food or maybe a bad combination of the two but recently I went and tested it out with another meal and alcohol type entirely and it happened again only worse it's the strangest thing and I can't seem to find anything about it online.
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wondering if the food was high in gluten or stuff like that and thats the reason for your allergic reaction. Otherwise it could be an intolerance as well. Fructose, histamin or lactose for example. You should go to an allergist and see whats going on. You telling us that you drank whiskey, this drink is high in histamine because it "ripens". That makes food and drinks high in histamine and as soon as you drink or eat sth histamine rich, your body reacts with an allergic reaction. But there are supplements available which can help. (like Daosin). But I would recommend, before taking anything, a trip to your allergist! ;) Never forget nearly nobody is a doctor here
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If this only happens when you drink alcohol, I would try the meal with out  drinking any, if you are allergic to it or the ingredients, this could be the cause of your trouble.
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