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almonds, apples and probably walnuts

Last fall I suddenly got severe stomach pain immediately after eating almonds on an empty stomach. I've been eating almonds all my life so I thought my stomach was acting up from being empty. The next day I did the same thing and of course the same thing happened. This also happened with apples. Now I have eaten pumpkin bread with walnuts and my stomach hurt again.

The allergist tested me (skin test and RAST) and they all came back negative (as well as birch which is similar in protein configuration). I did have a burning mouth from kiwi once (thought it was the crop rather than the kiwi itself) and never ate it again. I have no clue what this is and would just like to understand what is going on. Any ideas?
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Yes, I would say they are food allergies or sensitivities. Even though the RAST test should no allergies, that does not mean you don't have them. They are not always that accurate. The burning in your mouth is a sure sign of an allergic reaction to a food. I would do my own test, avoid the offending foods for a weeks or so, see how you feel, then, add each one back in slowly, give each one a weeks' trial, if you have reactions of any kind, then you will have your answers. Also, you can test your pulse, if it raises twenty minutes after you have eaten a food, again, that is indicative of a food allergy reaction. Take the pulse before you eat, then 20 minutes after, if it is 10 to 20 beats faster, you have your answer, an allergy to that food.

By the way, for some reason, Kiwi fruit allergies seems to affect alot of folks.
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or you gonna check up if you are intolerant to sth. If you don't wanna go for another test, you can try the suggest of SassyLassie. Anyway you have to read a lot to make sure you are avoiding histamine for example.
like daosin! sry ;)
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