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anyone got sick from gmos?

this is very annoying. recently i was careless with bread that had dextrose which i found out could be gmo corn.  that gave me a mild fever and sickened me for 2 days. then the second time i selected a fresh bakery bread that i thought didn't have any baddies.  but this one had only 2 suspicions, thiamin mononitrate and yeast.  as it turned out yeast could've be gm and gm yeast had already been approved to make wine in the usa.  so the second bread consumption produced less obvious symptoms but i still felt off.

so i lost about 4 days of health to this these stupid gmo breads already.  just what other foods are tainted by negative modification these days?

why do i feel normal with organic foods and feel sick with gmos?  this is just great eh, just trying to stay normal should be a struggle.  

what do we have to be careful of next? the air we breath?  something is really wrong with our society.

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Soy. Peanuts. Corn. Have you noticed the rise in peanut allergies?

Since the gmo's you ingested were small quantities included in bread dough it is unlikely that they would have caused such a strong reaction. But I could be wrong.
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i don't think amount matter so much with gmos. haven't you ever looked at allergy warnings on food packages?
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Please stop back and keep us posted.

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