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Coffee Allergy

A few months ago I kept getting stomach flu symptoms. I couldn't figure out what was making me sick. I thought maybe I was catching something from the dog, cat, or the chickens we raise. However, I was constantly washing my hands. I then realized it was the coffee I was drinking every morning. To test my theory, I switched from morning coffee to morning tea (Black tea). My stomach flu symptoms stopped. This morning, without thinking about it, I drunk coffee. Half-way through the day, my "stomach flu" symptoms returned.

Is it possible to just be allergic to the coffee itself? I drink sodas and caffeinated teas often without issue. Why the sudden allergy to coffee? I've drunk it for years without it.
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Hi AvaRaven,

Do you drink regular coffee ? If you do, try switching to decaffeinated coffee.
Decaffeinated coffee still has caffeine, but not as much as regular coffee.
My husband and I switched from regular coffee to decaffeinated coffee.
The regular coffee was giving me when I can only refer to like the feeling
of burning in my stomach. Now we buy only decaffeinated coffee and in
the morning, we alternate between this kind of coffee or black tea depending on what we feel like drinking. It doesn't sound to me like you're allergic to
coffee, it's just that your stomach is becoming more sensitive to the caffeine
perhaps. Hope this suggestion helps. Eve
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I'm allergic to Irish black tea, I've red there is more caffeine in Irish black tea than in coffee. I drank Irish blended black tea for years and years, then one day I broke out in huge welts and blisters from it. I broke out in 5 different place from, over 5 months until I figured it out. It also gave me chronic fatigue for over 15 years. I stopped drinking it and never got the blister's again the constant fatigue was gone too. Well, I stopped drinking the caffeinated one for a long time and drank decade', but I was having acid reflux after drinking that so then I stopped that too or just had the odd cup as I so dearly miss my tea. I tried herbal teas and they upset my tummy too. Be careful of tea!!! Keep in mind that tiredness and fatigue can be the sign of an hidden allergy.
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Hi again,

You're very welcome, AvaRaven. A sensitivity to caffeine can run in families. My dad was sensitive to caffeine and I seem to have inherited it.
I allow myself 1 cup of decaffeinated coffee in the morning and actually
not every morning. Sometimes there are mornings we just have tea
instead of coffee. Do you know caffeine can stay in your system anywhere
from 8 - 12 hours.  Eve
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I thought it might have been the caffeine. I know we switched from regular to 1/2 decaf and both seem to make me sick. I'll try the full decaf and see if there's a difference. Thank you so much for the suggestion.
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