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Eczema like skin problem and asthma flare up, allergy, intolerance, healing crisis?

I feel I've exposed myself to a food which I have an intolerance to since diving deep into looking after my health. I've made a few lifestyle changes at the same time so unsure but I think it might be oat milk.

I'm on week 5 of the Wim Hof Method 10 Week Program which is breathwork, yoga postures, meditation and cold water immersion. I swapped almond milk for oat milk (which I've now eliminated again). I've been drinking hot raw cacao drinks. Increased the amount of spinach in my diet. Maybe a slightly increased amount of soya, which I've also eliminated.

Currently I'm just eating unprocessed veg and fruit and today I'll be posting hair samples for an intolerance test of over 800 foods, but unfortunately not including oats.

If this is an intolerance to something I've eliminated, how long should I expect the eczema like skin condition to last?
Could it be a healing crisis? I had one of these which was like flu a couple weeks after I eliminated dairy.
Is it definitely not an allergy with it being developed over days rather than hours?

I had eczema when I was a kid up to the age of 15 then it disappeared. I'm now 37. I went about 7 years with no asthma once I eliminated animal products from my diet.

It might also be worth noting that I had what is known as a Kundalini activation a couple years ago so my body does very specific yoga postures and stretches by itself which accesses and releases old programs and emotional blockages (I know this sounds weird but I've discovered it's actually not rare). So maybe this process is accessing old programs causing the flare up.
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