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i took homeopathic medicine for 2 weeks.

In between there was onset of conjunctivitis and sneezing,clogging ears n breathing difficulty.

Please help.

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Hi originalsinner.

With the limited information given, either the homeopathic remedy
was not the right one (not linked to your symptoms, as homeopathic remedies
are not associated with any side effects), not the right frequency, or
not the right potency, if taken for a condition presenting those aforementioned symptoms.
The other possibility is that you were experiencing a healing crisis (Herxheimer effect).
And finally, the last possibility, there was no connection at all.
Hope this answers your question.
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Those are symptoms of anaphlaxis, severe allergic reaction.  Anytime you experience difficulty breathing you sould seek medical attention immediately.

I hope you are feeling better.

Take care.
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Thank you sir,

I had seek homeopathic treatment for cough.

I was having white cough with lots of mucus.I had to breathe deep to pull out the cough.

Homeopathic Doctor told that your immune system is weak that has to strengthen.So accordingly gave 3 powder to take within 10 min each same day and then 6 white small pills twice a day for 7 days and after this increased the dose from 6 to 8 pills for 7 days.

While taking the homeopathic medicine knee pain started ,conjunctivitis and ear clogging started and just at the end of course breathing problem started.

When i told about all these problem to the homeopathic doctor he decreased my dose from 8 to 6 pills ,which i didn't continue coz of symptoms.

After this consulted 2 physician both gave a common prescription involving a allergy reducing medicine.      

Also my PFT came back normal.

Can previous STD risk cause such problem?

I still have white coug

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Thanks ,

I don't know what triggered the problem.

Homeopathy is supposed to be allergy free medicine.

Sudden knee pain and ear clogging and conjunctivitis and breathing problem has completely foxed me.

Have been to two physicians both prescribed allergy reducing medicine.

my PFT came back normal

Is PFT right measure for breathing difficulty?  
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Yes PFT helps to assess the lung function. Inadequate oxygenation can produce symptoms of breathlessness, as the body tries in an effort to compensate for the decreased oxygen supply. The breathlessness could be due to cardiac or lung disorders. Breathlessness on exertion could be due to the decreased lung function. Again in cardiac disorders the heart is unable to pump the blood adequately, more so when subjected to stress like exercise. Certain systemic disorders like anemia, diabetes, vitamin deficiencies and thyroid disorders can cause these symptoms. So please consult your primary care physician who may ask for an EKG or a treadmill test to rule out a cardiac cause for the symptoms. He may even ask for blood tests and an X ray chest.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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