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Allergic to fruit, veg, seafood and raw nuts. How can I still have a balanced diet?

Sorry I’m advance for my long life story!! But here we go...

Over the years I seem to have acquired more and more allergies! I have always been severely allergic to cats and pollen ever since I was a toddler however about 8 years ago I developed a severe case of hives after eating paella whilst out in Spain. At first I thought it was just heat rash but later discovered it was the seafood after doing an allergy test. Around a year later I was eating an apple and started to feel extremely naseous and ended up throwing it all back up. After throwing up my lips, toungue and throat started to itch and swell up. My eyes became extremely swollen and itchy too. I took an antihistamine and my asthma pump and I was fine. After that experience with the apple, the exact same reaction started to happen after eating all fruit and most veg (only raw veg so I can have most cooked veg like brocolli, carrots etc). I then discovered recently that I’m also allergic to the majority of raw nuts. The allergist diagnosed me with Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS) although he noticed that I also reacted to a few nuts which aren’t part of OAS which caused him to be concerned and issue me with an epi-pen.

It’s now got to the point were I’m getting really fed up as I want to be healthy and lose weight but find that, without being able to eat fruit, veg, nuts and seafood, it makes it extremely difficult as it just leaves me with meat, carbs and fats which doesn’t provide a healthy diet.

Does anyone else have the same or similar allergies as me? If so, how do you deal with it?

I feel like my whole life revolves around my allergies and I’ve constantly got itchy, red, swollen eyes, a runny nose, red rashes etc and it’s really starting to get me down :(
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