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Can't tolerate clothes anymore

Since 9yrs ago i first developed a problem with pants/jeans etc where as they cause me to have burning stinging itchy skin. I found online there has been people like with something called pants paresthesia syndrome. But as the years went on all kinds of clothing started affecting me. Dress shirts, sweaters, some long sleeve shirts underwear etc. It doesn't matter what fiber, color, detergent I try it's all the same. Even organic cotton didnt help. Sometimes after repetetively washing the garments the problem went away but for other garments it never does. I went to an allergist once who said he seen people like me but it's very rare and said I should see a dermatologist. I'm now in the care of a dermatologist. We did a patch test I'm only allergic to balseum and he gave me Atarax 10mg so far it hasn't done anything except give me side effects. He too said my issue is very rare. It's not the typical textile dermatitis where I get rashes etc because I get no visible signs whatsoever.

I did live in moldy water leaked apts for many yrs of my life I wouldn't be surprised it may have predisposed me to issues because my mother lived with me in those apartments and she gets sore throats and chest tightening from new coats hats scarves, dish detergents, make up etc mostly synthetic stuff. My blood tests are all normal.
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I'm in a desperate situation where I lost a good job and can't find work in the areas I wanna work at because they require proper attire. I'm scared I'll be locked away home naked if this goes on.
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Hi, sorry you didn't hear from anyone.  So, question. Do you really get a rash or just feel like you do?  My son has something called sensory integration disorder.  It involves the nervous system and how it communicates.  He gets sensations or feels things that don't match what is going on. This happens frequently with clothes for him.  He will not wear jeans to save his life.  Too  much discomfort on his skin.  He wears nice looking athletic pants and has some dress pants that are softer and khaki's.  Try some different types. I buy a pair of something, wash them and then he tries to wear them.  If he likes and it works?  I go buy more of the exact same thing.  If it doesn't work, I give it away to a friend.  So, I'm just wondering if you may have this same kind of tactile defensiveness.
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Ask your dr about a condition in the Ohio valley area dealing with the exposure to a wet/moldy environment. I believe treated with mass doses of diflucan (anti fungal )
Not sure the name of the condition but know it exists and isn’t something many dr’s know or treat.
I've never heard of that!  You've read somewhere that things they spray trees with could affect us, give us allergies?  
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Mold and bacteria can grow on clothing even after being washed. You really need a way to prevent them from growing on the fabric. Treating them with an antibacterial or even light chlorine you can eliminate a lot of these allergens. But they can also grow back because they can take root deep down in the fabric fibers and regrow. All the mold and bacteria that can grow on your clothes can easily cause allergic reaction on skin. So I suggest doing everything you can to keep these at bay.
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