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Cat allergies and kids please help

My 9 year old son has had a dry cough for 2 weeks with no other symptoms. He has not been sick or been around anyone sick. We have 2 cats that we have had for 3 years with no problems but I'm hoping he has not developed allergies to them. He went to his grandparents over the weekend and they don't have any cats but the cough DID NOT get better. He also coughs just as much at school where there is no animals. I know nothing about allergies so hoping someone could tell me IF it was the cats how long would my son still have the coughing once he was away from the cats? I would think once he was away from the cats his cough would improve within hours if he was allergic?
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I have had cat allergies all my life which is a REAL bummer because I'm an animal lover and love kitties!  My main symptoms?  Itchy eyes.  I get one cat hair near me and my eyes turn red, swell, start watering and then itch horribly.  This is a common allergic reaction to cats. If it is a new cough, I'd say it's likely a virus and coughs linger with that. Once the air way is irritated, the cough will stay for a bit.  But all allergies I suffer and my son involve itchiness.  Itchy nasal cavity, itchy sinus or itchy eyes.  I'm guessing your cats are not the problem.  
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I doubt very much that your son has developed an allergy
to your cats especially since you said that you have had your
cats for several years.  My advice would be to make an appointment
with your son's regular doctor and see what advice he or she offers.
Coughs can also be caused by dry air in your home.  You might consider buying a humidifier for your son and placing it in his bedroom.  Dry coughs can also be caused by asthma.  Hope these suggestions are helpful.
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Try alternative medicine NAET with a chiropractor.  

There is a DETOX for allergies.  Once you have completed the Detox the doctor can help using NAET on specific issues.

I have used NAET for 10 years. Once I completed the DETOX  protocol.  I used for other issues such as; rashes. Viruses. Bacteria, lung and cough, blood sugar, inflammation etc.

My health is better.

Good luck.
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