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Did allergy test, no allergy found & I still have allergies!!!

Did a allergy blood test and a ***** test and they found nothing. I take many medications for schizophrenia, G.E.R.D. and tachycardia but the allergist said it was very unlikely any of them are causing my STUFFY NOSE ITCHY THROAT, COUGH, ITCHY EYES AND ASTHMA and I agree because as soon as I step out my apartment (within 15 minutes) I feel better, can breath properly and have no problems with any of those symptoms.

When I first moved into my apartment it was still airing out from the fresh paint, new carpet and other work that had been done on the apartment. I had to close the windows early before it had completely aired out because it was getting so cold. That was 3 years ago, though, and I'm having the allergies now worse than ever.

Because of my various medical concerns it's difficult to keep my apartment clean but I get help once in a while (about once per week) and it's cleaned very well.

I have to take allegra (not allegra-d), pantanase nasal spray and benadryl to make the allergies tolerable. I'm supposed to be self-administering a nebulizer twice a day or more but it's such a pain that I only do it about once every other day at best. Though when I do it it does make the allergies more tolerable, but that's all, just more tolerable.

I'm also lactose intolerant, though I'm not sure to what extent. Sometimes I inadvertently consume dairy products, though rarely with any dairy sugar in them.

I have mediCAID (not medicare) and apparently I should consider myself very lucky for the nebulizer, nasal spray and albuterol inhaler I receive and even luckier for the 4 and a half minutes of consultation I am rushed through with the allergist.

My question, having gone through what may have been a lot of superfluousness, is: how can I find out what I'm allergic to? I don't care if I have to do it myself or have another professional do it. However, I only have about a $300 budget max, and even that will take me quite some time to save up for.

Any help will be great! Thank you!
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sorry, i forgot to mention that I have frequent headaches that accompany the allergy symptoms. Also, the starred out word is a word that begins with a 'P' and ends with a 'K' and it means i had a test where they stick your arm with a needle several times.
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Out of curiosity have you tried Zyrtec and Claratin or other allergy meds?

I think you may have to do what I did- trial and error. Technically I don't have any "allergies" except fragrance and lavender. Everything else goes around the immune system and I just react to it. That's non-allergenic Rhinitis. So the ones for me: lilacs, lilies, juniper bushes, ceder trees, cats, dust, molds, Scot's bloom (a horrible insidious weed), and fresh cut grass. There are probably others out there though. The claratin I used worked ok- mainly on perfume though, made life bearable. But when I switched to Zyrtec, which is for non-allergenic rhinitis, the change was amazing. Still get gnarly headaches at the first sign of mold; sneezing fits when neighbors cut grass or I empty out the vacuum; and perfume is nasty on my body. BUT on the whole - the right drug helps a lot. Definitely don't start anything without first talking to a dr or at least a pharmacists to make sure they won't interact with what you're on.

To help figure out what you might be reacting to- first look for mold. Window sills, bathroom, the cabinets under a sink, near the front/back door. Maybe you could get a cheap dehumidifier and see if that helps make it easier to breath in the apt. (My sister got some from Walgreens that worked pretty well for probably under 50$.)

Next, animals and bugs- have you ever seen a cockroach? Some people get reactions from bugs, especially beetles. If you've ever seen one, maybe ask your land lord if you can bug bomb your place. If you have animals, maybe have someone watch them for a few days while you shampoo and vacuum your carpets (and couch). If you feel better without them, maybe try giving them baths once a week.

Dust- computers and electronics, Try to do this at least once a week.

Do your neighbors have plants near where your windows are? Or smoke near you? That can cause tons of problems with headaches and sinuses. Maybe spend a day at a plant store- does any of that bother you? Then hang out with a chain smoker -do you feel like your head is going to explode?

If none of this seems to be working, move on to diet. Food allergies have been known to cause head aches, itchy throats, etc. The key ones are dairy/whey, wheat/gluten, eggs, soy, caffeine, chocolate, fake sugars, MSG, shellfish, and nuts. So I recommend starting with those.

The key is to change one thing and wait. Does it help? If not, change something else. It's a pain, but if the allergy tests keep coming back negative, it's the only way I know how to figure out what to avoid.
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Look up and do some research into the chem trails, check out the toxins being spayed on us , they have found many in the soil and ground water ., I live in California we are bombarded every day and they fly at night now ,you can find a list of the toxins online .I wake up and within 10 mins I have all the symptoms you describe so does my DH
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