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Dust Allergy, possibly something else? You're not alone! Please help

Hi , thanks for taking the time to read this post.
Before you read on, i'll be completely honest with you, i was never a fan of posting up my problems on the net. Just something about updating others on my personal problems always seemed a little selfish and counter productive to me.
But yet, here i am now. So if you did somehow stumble across this reading, you should know that this is a detailed summary of my experiences with Allergic Rhinitis/ Dust Allergy and Sinus problems for the past couple of years. Prepare the popcorn or whatever the hell you eat whilst procrastinating, and i'll try to keep this as entertaining as i possibly can.  

So basically, I've been experiencing sinus/ allergy problems for the past couple of years and it's really affecting my life. It started with constant colds that would just not go away, blocked nose that would never clear, then coughing up mucus/ phlegm in the morning when i wake up accompanied by a stuffy feeling at the back of my throat and in my sinus/ nasal passageways. I didn't really pay much attention to this problem which was probably what exacerbated things to what they are now...

So later down the track things started to get worse for me, i would wake up not feeling refreshed and feel mentally drained/ demotivated to even get dressed to get out of the house, I found the most basic activities and actions in life, a challenge... This really started to raise many MANY metaphorical eyebrows for me, i started to observe myself and become more conscious to what was happening during my day, i could barely hold a conversation with someone without having them to ask me to repeat myself my hearing was all muffled up (EVEN WORSE IN LOUD ENVIRONMENTS!!!, you would **** yourself laughing seeing me trying to chat someone up in the clubs... it was tragic.), my words just didn't seem to carry the right tone and depth as it would have normally when i spoke, as hard as i tried i couldn't do it. This really bummed me out because i started to get frustrated with myself, lost motivation to work/ study, shy away from vocal conversation, lost connection with friends and couldn't form new relationships, my mind was working fine but i just couldn't express myself on the outside, how sad etc etc...  so i eventually thought i was having anxiety problems, that i was depressed.

Sure enough, the symptoms matched and i saw a therapist who gave me breathing exercises which helped temporarily before the symptoms came back to screw with me once more.
One day brought up the symptoms which i was experiencing and the doctor suggested that i see an Ear Nose and Throat specialist , that there could be an underlying reason to all this **** going on.

I explained everything to the ENT and he immediately asked for me to get a CT Scan done, soon enough, the images from the scan showed that i had nasal polyps blocking my sinus passageways as well as extremely inflamed adenoids/ turbinates.
After a brief questioning to what problems are affecting me the most and what i would like to resolve, the ENT suggested that i have a FESS , Adenoidectomy and Turbinoid Reduction so, Basically Surgery...

The surgery went real smooth, i spent the night in hospital and went home the day after with some antibiotics and painkillers, the doc told me to rinse my nose a few times a day with the irrigation kit (Saline water nasal cleaning, netipot , etc same ****..)  
I'll be honest, the first few weeks after surgery felt amazing!!! I could breathe properly, had my hearing improved tenfold (playing the piano never sounded better!!! guess mucus does remove a few decibles from hearing) , speaking didn't feel like such a difficult task as it were, even in loud places!
Apart from the post surgery nosebleeds, drained mucus which i had pretty often... I was ******* cheering.

After my nosebleeds ceased about 3 weeks after surgery, the post nasal drip , phlegm was still being coughed up , which didn't bother me because the doc said it was normal , plus i felt good so i decided to resume exercise...
I started with a light jog to get my cardio back, resumed gym and football training- since i had gone my team had slumped to the bottom of the ladder so i needed to get my **** together, FAST.
I had gotten pretty unfit but apart from that, i felt like a completely new person!
But unfortunately for me, this wonderful turn of events for me did not stay for long.
The muffled hearing started to creep back into my life followed by the slurred speech/ inability to focus, problems with sleep, headaches and inability to focus, a mad case of dejavu aye!

I got a allergy test done with the local GP and the results came back for High allergy for dust and dust mite at (235 Ku/L) - don't know what those figures mean but it sure was enough for the doctor to metaphorically **** himself when he saw it. So where does that leave me, i have realised that dust is well... everywhere. So my symptoms will never be naturally suppressed in this environment - SYDNEY AUSTRALIA :) .  

Anyways 4 weeks after my surgery. After having a post operative appointment with my ENT , my symptoms were again alleviated for another couple of weeks after the doc sprayed some nasal medicine in my nose and sucked out some mucus from my nasal/ sinus passageways, i could again, hear and speak without a problem.

But not anymore D:   !

*Snap back to reality*

So here i am, 3 weeks after the first Post Op session, on this website posting this for your viewing pleasure.
My doctor has brought up the possibility that i take some desensitisation medicine/ injections for my allergy but i have read some reviews that give that option a rather sketchy image because it may/ may not work and takes years of building up dosage for immunisation to be temporarily granted.
My ENT has scheduled a hearing test for me (don't count on it much but it's pretty much for free so what the hell) ,as well as a second Post op session for the 1st of October, so i'll be sure to bombard his *** with a load of questions.

If you are one who is experiencing similar or the exact same problem as i am, i can only offer you my deepest sympathies as i obviously had AND have first hand experience on what it feels like to be bogged down by this problem.

That's about all i have to offer because this is the internet, and i don't know you.

Haha :)

Anyways, id like to thank you for your time whilst reading my story, i hope you have gained some insight to my experiences with allergies , sinus problems for these past few years'. If you have any information or suggestions as to what i can do to help me alleviate my symptoms, please post a reply to me, i will be sure to read it!

Hopefully a permanent cure for this will emerge one day and people entrapped with these symptoms will be "free",
Until then, keep going hard don't let em see you weak.


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