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Hives that Come and Go. What Could be Causing this??

I have been having off and on hives for several months now. Sometimes it’s just one or two hives on the face, arm, back of legs,  sometimes it’s a cluster of them. I do have dry skin. They can last anywhere from a few minutes to the next day. I started taking pictures and trying to pay attention but I still can’t figure out what I’m reacting to because it seems to be so broad. I saw an allergist a couple of months ago but he only tested me on some foods, the two top ones I reacted to I don’t even eat, usually. Sometimes my face will suddenly flush too. I did notice the other day when I was packing a box to mail that my forearms broke out in a rash so apparently I even reacted to the cardboard. It quickly went away. I’m starting to worry if I’m reacting to something in the house, maybe mold or something, but I don’t see any and I clean all the time. Yesterday and today I got extremely congested, puffy eyes watering and sneezing. I took a Benadryl last night and went to bed. Woke up with puffy eyes again and now a headache. Still congested, eyes watering, sneezing, etc. Being that it’s Winter now and colder I wouldn’t think I’d be reacting to things growing or dying, though I do get seasonal allergies. I’ve been tested in the past for dogs and cats and did react, especially to cats, and I do have dogs and a cat but I’ve had them for several years and I don’t usually hold the cat because I’ve noticed I’ll get really congested around her and get a rash on my forearms. I’ve covered mattresses and pillows with zippered covers so I wouldn’t think it would be dust mites, either, and I live in a dry climate. I clean all the time too, and had the carpet steam cleaned a couple of weeks ago and generally do that about twice a year. I cannot figure out what I could be reacting to. I read that it can be autoimmune related too. I do have a history of Crohns but it’s been mild and manageable, thankfully. I have another appointment with the doctor in a week but I’m getting a little frustrated with trying to figure this out because I’ve seen an allergist and dermatologist already. I had pest control come out and spray a few times this last year, even though I’ve only seen a few spiders. But I suppose I could react to the chemicals too, but I clean and clean all the time and I can’t figure out what I’m reacting to because it’s something I must be exposed to all the time because this has been going on so long. I’m going to ask for some blood testing for thyroid, maybe mold exposure, but is there anything else I should ask the doctor to test me on to see if we can figure this out? Thanks!
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Possibly alpha-gal a  delayed allergic response to mammal caused by a tick bite.  
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I feel you. As I'm getting older, I feel like I develop new allergies monthly.

I wonder about the cleaning products you're using. Have you had your furnace cleaned? Changed the filter?

You can buy a mold testing kit at Home Depot or Lowes for around $10-20, and that may be a good place to start. If it's reactive, then maybe go for professional testing, but since that's so much more expensive, start with the home kit.

Are you sure it's a stye? "Sometimes, the conjunctiva swells with fluid and protrudes from the surface of the eye, resembling a "hive" on the eye." https://www.medicinenet.com/eye_allergy/article.htm#what_are_allergic_eye_conditions

About 95% of chronic hives are ideopathic, meaning a cause can't be found - https://www.aocd.org/page/Urticaria There can be causes, though, so definitely get your thyroid checked, as well as liver, etc.

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Today I have a stye now in my eye. I’m still assuming it’s allergies but I got an eye stye exactly one year ago and I’ve been having off and on hives since. I don’t know if it’s related or if there is something else going on. I’ve heard all this can be autoimmune related too.
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