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I think am suffering from Cholinergic urticaria.

I think am suffering from Cholinergic urticaria, whenever I do workout or eat spicy food, or even just be in sun for a long time which increases my body temperature, my body begins to develop rashes and cause heavy itching specially on my chest, back, and sometimes on my head and arms. The skin gets reddish in color, though they disappear quite quickly like within 5 mins or so everything gets normal except that my brain isn't working properly after the rashes disappear. Sometimes I feel dizziness after such an act. After researching about the disease called Cholinergic urticaria, I think I am suffering from this, though would love to hear from a medical expert to tell me if there could be something else happening and what medications shall I look for in order to get rid of it completely. Thanks for taking the time to read about my medical condition. Looking forward to hear from you soon.
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Hi there.  I wanted to ask if you ever went to the doctor to investigate this. That's really a term for hives.  I think I'd see an allergist if you have hives and they are ongoing to find out what is triggering it. Keep a journal in the mean time writing down what happened right before the outbreak.  Where you were, if you ate, what you touched, etc.  Here's info on it https://www.webmd.com/allergies/cholinergic-urticaria-facts
Things that are known to cause it: (going against my theory you get it from touching something, seems to be very related to body heat as well).

Take a hot shower or bath

Work up a sweat from exercise

Are in a hot climate

Wear a tight, clingy bandage

Get nervous, have anxiety,  or start to sweat

Eat hot or spicy foods

Are upset or angry

**  take  a picture of the hives to show your doctor in case you aren't broken out when you see them.  They visually can inspect these to help with diagnosis.
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