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Nasal polyps and prostaglandin analogs

Hello. I have developed quite extensive nasal polyps on one side and have much trouble breathing. I also have type 2 diabetes and glaucoma, both very well controlled. The development of the polyps in my sinuses followed the development of the glaucoma, first in the left eye, then several years later in the right eye. My left sinus is now almost completely blocked and I'm afraid soon my right one will be, too. Because of the glaucoma the ENT did not want to give me nasal steroid spray because it would raise the pressure, but he did want to give me oral prednisone but that would raise my blood sugar and they cannot predict how much because everyone is different. He did order a CT scan with BrainLab protocol but now the family health center I go to no longer has an ENT clinic and the regular MD will only tell me to use an antihistamine and a saline nasal spray. So far that's not doing nothing to help.

I suspect the cause of the polyps is the glaucoma medicine...a prostaglandin analog. I had complained to my eye doctor for years about chronic sinusitis even back when I only used it in the first eye. She just told me to take an antihistamine. When I was switched to a new eye doctor, he was skeptical but since the sinusitis has developed in the second sinus along with the glaucoma in the second eye, he agreed to change the drops but only to a different prostaglandin analog. I want to get off of that type completely, especially since I have no one to treat me for the polyps now. I have no insurance and no money for a private doctor, that's why I go to a family health center. I guess my question is do you think the prostaglandin analog could be the cause of the polyps since it's causing the sinusitis? The literature says they cause sinusitis in clinical trials in 1%-4% of the people but doesn't mentioned polyps.
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Seek a doctor's professional advice as soon as possible. Good luck.
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